Studio ZAT Celebrates Its Second Anniversary

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With the Attendance of Director Khairy Beshara and Screenwriter Wessam Soliman

Studio ZAT Celebrates Its Second Anniversary

Two years have passed since Studio ZAT's foundation, supporting hundreds of talents through its diverse workshops in many art areas. Celebrating this special occasion, Studio ZAT's team held a party that was attended by great director Khairy Beshara, screenwriter Wessam Soliman, actress Ibtihal El Serety, and Entrepreneur Perihan Abo Zeid, founder of MoviePigs, in addition to some of Studio ZAT's trainees who benefited from the studio's services. During the celebration, the trainees presented a modern dance performance while many people from the media were present to cover the event.

Studio ZAT honored late director Mohamed Khan for previously delivering the Filmmaking and Film Directing Workshop and his wife screenwriter Wessam Soliman accepted an Honorary Shield on his behalf.

Since its foundation by Shady Khalaf in 2015, more than 800 participants have graduated from Studio ZAT, and 40 workshops in eight different areas have been completed. The studio has also collaborated with many professional trainers, such as; Egyptian star Mahmoud Hemida, DOPs Ahmad Al Morsy and Mahmoud Lotfy, maestro and voice coach Mohamed Osman, Scottish actor Laurance Rudic, British dance artist Zosia Jo, Canadian writer and actress Sarah Warren and French dancer Florence Moutin.