The Mice Room Now Shown in Egyptian Cinemas

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The Mice Room Now Shown in Egyptian Cinemas

Following a successful worldwide tour in several film festivals receiving wide critical acclaim, The Mice Room will be released in Egyptian theatres on Wednesday, September 9th in two cinemas; Zawya in Downtown and Amir in Alexandria.

The Mice Room is a collaborative feature co-written by six young and aspiring filmmakers namely; Ahmed Magdy Morsy, Mohamad El Hadidi, Mohamed Zedan, Mayye Zayed, Nermeen Salem and Hend Bakr, and stars Hanan Youssef, Zeyad Salem, Nihand Yahia, Kamal Ismail, Noura Saafan and the acting prodigy Malak Magdy.

The Mice Room tracks six intertwined stories of different characters who live in Alexandria struggling with their fears; Amr visits his father on his death bed, trying to catch up on lost time, Moussa spends his day struggling to cross a street, Dahlia is lost in her worries about her wedding day, a young girl watches as her grandmother grows increasingly lifeless, Rawya, after her husband's death, is unable to sleep early, discovering an exciting life at night, and Maha is set to leave the country and everything she knows behind, questioning the changes that happened or might happen in her life. All of them share the same creepy feelings in the same city but never meet.

The film had a prestigious World Premiere at the 10th Dubai international Film Festival, also took part in several international film festivals such as; Sao Paulo International Film Festival, one of the most prestigious film festivals in Latin-America, in addition to Luxor African Film Festival.

The Mice Room is an independent collaborative feature which is produced by Rufy's in co-production with Fig Leaf Studios. The film was also supported by Dubai International Film Festival's Enjaaz. It was first written 4 years ago as seven segments, then was shot as six separate segments coming all together at the editing room in post-production. Since it is an almost zero budget independent feature, all cast and crew were volunteers and the six filmmakers themselves worked behind cameras in each other's segments.

The Mice Room is now showing in Zawya in Downtown and Amir in Alexandria.