Gina Selim Joins the Cast of Al Maleka TV Series by Director Hossam Ali

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Her Third Ramadan TV Series in addition to Alamet Estefham and Zay Al Shams

Gina Selim Joins the Cast of Al Maleka TV Series by Director Hossam Ali

TV personality Dr. Gina Selim joined the cast of Al Maleka TV series by director Hossam Ali, that will be aired this Ramadan. Al Maleka marks Selim's third TV series to be signed this year after Alamet Estefham by Samih Al Nakhash and Zay Al Shams by director Kamla Abouzekri.

Al Maleka is Gina Selim's third collaboration with director Hossam Ali as she joined Al Rehla (2018) TV series as a star and she offered her Psych-cinema service to the TV drama 30 Youm (2017) as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist for the cast. Al Maleka TV series is her second collaboration with screenwriter Amin Gamal since Ladyna Aqwal Oukhra (2018).

Commenting on her new TV series, Gina Selim comments that she is happy to join the cast that includes a number of stars such as Yasmin Abdul Aziz, Fathi Abdel Wahab and Ahmed Salah Hosni, as well as the director of a distinguished vision like Hossam Ali, who can create the layers of each character with complete professionalism.

In addition to Al Maleka series, Gina Selim is taking part in two other TV series that will be screened next Ramadan; Alamet Estefham by director Samih Al Nakhash and stars Mohamed Ragab, Haitham Ahmed Zaki and Mirhan Hussein; and Zay Al Shams TV series by director Kamla Abouzekri. Zay Al Shams is written by Mariam Nauom, produced by Mohamed Mashish and stars Dina El Sherbini, Reham Abdel Ghafour, Ahmed El Saadani and Laila Ezz El Arab.

Selim joined the 2018 Ramadan season with three TV dramas. In Azmy and Ashgan TV series, she portrayed the role of the human rights' defender, Jennifer. Alongside star Bassel Al Khayat in Al Rehla TV series, Gina played the role of a high-class married woman who owns a clothes shop. In addition, Selim took part in Ladyna Aqwal Oukhra TV series, which featured superstar Yousra, where she played the role of a psychiatrist.

Gina Selim is the stage name of Counseling and Occupational Psychologist, Dr. Georgette Savvides, who received her professional Doctorate in Psychology from European and American universities. Gina Selim seeks to increase the audience's awareness of the psychological dimensions of characters in cinema and drama through her Psych-cinema campaign that launched on her official Facebook page to discuss and analyze the psychological dimensions of international stars in successful cinematic and drama works. This is the scientific basis for her talent.