Teatro Masr Opens Season 4 with a Cinematic Touch and More Comedy Talents

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Marking a Strong Comeback

Teatro Masr Opens Season 4 with a Cinematic Touch and More Comedy Talents

The opening of the 4th season of the tremendously successful show Teatro Masr will take place in the
Opera House of Misr University for Science & Technology (MUST), 6th of October City on Friday, the
14th of October. It was revealed that Stage Director Mohamed Gabr will be at the helm of a new charming season with its long-standing comedy stars: Hala Fakher and Bayoumi Fouad alongside a number of young up-and-coming comedy talents.

The show's producer Mohamed Abdel Hamid revealed the latest details and updates on the new season of Teatro Masr saying, "Teatro Masr is distinguished with preserving the basic traditions of theatre as it is an entertaining family show in terms of the cost of the ticket and show times, providing comedy in a strong dramatic context, not uncorrelated sketches that target laughter only. In addition, seeking to present new comedy talents alongside the stars of previous seasons is one of the show's main goals, paying attention to the audience interests to keep the show up to date every time."

From the MUST Opera House in 6th of October City, the 4th season kicks off for three days per week (Thursday to Saturday), hosting two stage performances every night. The running performances will change every two weeks. The show starts at 08:00 pm with a minimum ticket price (50 EGP). With this strategy, Teatro Masr seeks to make theatre suitable and affordable for all the audiences.

Abdel Hamid continues, "One of the strong elements of this season is having Director Mohamed Gabr at the helm. Gabr is best known for his cinematic touches in theatrical shows such as the award-winning '1980 Wenta Talea', which received wide acclaim and was performed for more than 18 months. The other element is the joining of the Scenic Designer Mohamed Gaber." Abdel Hamid adds, "As part of the traditions of Teatro Masr, we were very keen to give a chance to young talents including; Mina, Turky
and Mizo (Tholathy Dawdaa Al Hayah); Marwa El Sabahy (1980 Wenta Talea'); Ibrahim Saber (The Diary of a Very Angry Wife); Essam Ramadan Bakry (Ma'moun Wa Shourakah) and Mostafa Abdel Salam (Fouk Mostawa El Shobohat). Stars Bayoumi Fouad and Hala Fakher will continue to lead the cast alongside the previous seasons' stars including; Mai Diab (Ras Al Ghoul series), Mohamed Yusuf
(El Moghany series), Mohamed Tolba (The Diary of a Very Angry Wife series), Waleed Al Fouly and Rafik Al Kady (Koloub series), Souad El kady (Ahwak), Hussien Sedky (Kedbet Kol Youm), Ahmed Abdel Hady (Hamlit Fraizer), Ibrahim Said Mohamed (Pussycat), Ahmed Saad Waly (Manteka Mahzoura), and Salah Al Daly (Stand-up Comedy Show)."

The tickets will be available through the Ticketsmarche website (www.ticketsmarche.com) or through Vodafone (2121). Booking can be also through the MUST Opera House.