The Other Land is Vying for the Best Film Award at the Egyptian Catholic Center Cinema Festival

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Competed within CIFF's Official Competition

The Other Land is Vying for the Best Film Award at the Egyptian Catholic Center Cinema Festival

Director Ali Edries' film The Other Land is vying for the award for Best Egyptian Film in 2016 at the
65th edition of the Egyptian Catholic Center Cinema Festival that will be held from the 24th of February to the 3rd of March. The Other Land has been selected within five shortlisted films out of 42 Egyptian films that have been screened in 2016.

In addition to The Other Land, the list of five films includes; director Hadi El Bagoury's Hepta: The Last Lecture, director Khaled Marei's Laaf Wa Dawaraan, director Kamla Abouzekri's A Day for Women, and director Hala Khalil's Nawara. The jury members include director Daoud Abdel Sayed as the head of the panel; stars Lotfy Labib, Manal Salama and Hana Shiha; DOP Dr. Ramsis Marzouk; writer Karam El Nggar; film critic Khairyah El Beshlawy and the head of the Cairo Opera House Dr. Enas Abd El Dayem.

The Other Land had its world premiere at the Cairo International Film Festival while competing within
its Official Competition. Creativo has released the film in Egyptian cinemas on 23 November.

The Other Land follows the stories of a group of young Egyptians, who escape Egypt's underprivileged rural villages, all sharing one desire; to immigrate to Italy, but without having any official documents aboard a ramshackle old ship. Seeing Italy's coastline ignites their hopes for a better life, but then the treacherous sea waves put an end to all of their dreams.

The film was filmed in Spain, along with Egypt where the scenes of the rural villages and shores were shot. The production company hired a professional crew including Egyptian DOP Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Spanish DOP Oscar Felices, and Assistant Director Chema Linares. The film was co-edited by Syrian Film Editor Salem Derbas and the Spanish Editors Manel Frasquiel and Conrado Lopez, special effects by the Spanish expert Salvador Santana, and visual effects by Rafael Galdo.

The Other Land stars Mohamed Ali, Bayoumi Fouad, Abdel Aziz Makhyoun, Mohamed Mahran, Amr El Kady, Afaf Shoaib, and Hanan Soliman. The film is written by Zainab Aziz and directed by Ali Edries, marking their sixth time together, co-produced by Creativo, DX Productions in collaboration with
The Partner Barcelona (Spain). Al Massa Art Production is handling the worldwide distribution of the film, while MAD Solutions is in charge of the marketing for the film.

Ali Edries is an Egyptian director who started his career as an assistant director of many important films such as Sa'eedi Fil Gamaa el Amrekeia (Sa'eedi in the American University), El Nazer (The School Principal), Toyour El-Zalam (Birds of Darkness), and El Noom fi el Asal. His first film as a director was Ashab Wala Business (Friendship or Business). Edries directed many box office hits including Aris Min Geha Amneya (A Groom from the Security Entity), Morgan Ahmed Morgan, and Al-Dada Dodi (Dodi The Nanny).