Producer Saif Oraibi Talks to The Hollywood Reporter about Action-Thriller Film 122

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First Arab Film to Be Made for the 4DX Theater Experience by Director Yasir Al Yasiri

Producer Saif Oraibi Talks to The Hollywood Reporter about Action-Thriller Film 122

Under the title "First Arab Film Made for 4DX", The Hollywood Reporter magazine published an article about the action-thriller film 122 by director Yasir AlYasiri, the first Iraqi director to enter the Egyptian film industry. The film features a number of Egyptian stars and is produced by Iraqi producer Saif Oraibi, who revealed details on the much-awaited film to The Hollywood Reporter.

The magazine stated that Oraibi said about the film, "It takes place on a bloody night in a place where we are supposed to feel safe. A young man and his beloved are struggling not to reach the hospital, but to run away from it. They are trying to survive the night."

Oraibi also revealed that the film brings together stars Tarek Lotfy, Ahmed Dawood, Amina Khalil and Ahmad Al Fishawy along with guest stars Mohamed Mamdouh and Mohamed Lotfy. 122 is written by Salah El Gehiny, with cinematography by Ahmed Kardous and set design by Ahmed Fayez. The film's Executive Producers are Mohamed Nassar and Mohamed El Tahawy, while Saif Oraibi composed its musical score.

"Through making a 4D film, we seek to introduce a new experience to audiences in Egypt and the Arab world that will increase their interaction with films." Oraibi said about bringing this new technology to the Arab film industry for the first time. This technology enhances the movie-going experience as it adds motion, wind, vibrations, scent, lighting, rain and other physical or environmental effects to a theatre, allowing viewers to be immersed in the film. 4DX theaters are available in Egypt, UAE, Kuwait and Lebanon. 122 will become the first Arab film to be made for the immersive format.

This production casted light on the fact that the first Iraqi feature film Ibn El-Sharq (Son of the Orient) by Egyptian director Ibrahim Helmi was a joint production between Iraq and Egypt, while the film 122 marks the first time for an Iraqi director to enter the Egyptian film industry after 73 years. "In this film, I collaborate with Yasir AlYasiri as the first Iraqi director to enter the Egyptian film industry. Aside from the fact that I seek to work with fresh talent, I was keen on collaborating with AlYasiri for his distinct vision." said Oraibi.

122 is the second feature film by director Yasir AlYasiri. His film On Borrowed Time, an Emirati production with a cast and crew from across the Arab world, made its world premiere at the 2018 Palm Springs International Film Festival last January, and won the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Narrative at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival.

Saif Oraibi is a music composer, who established his production house Maqam Production thatmade the successful action-thriller films; El-Haram el-Rabe (The Fourth Pyramid) (2016) and Monkey Talks. The films topped the Egyptian box office in 2016/2017.