Raw Entertainment Launches the Teaser Trailer and a Still from Welad Rizq

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A First-look on the Action-Packed Film by Tarek Al Arian

Raw Entertainment Launches the Teaser Trailer and a Still from Welad Rizq

Raw Entertainment launched the teaser trailer of Tarek Al Arian’s new action thriller Welad Rizq. The company also unveiled a still from the film, which combines a high-caliber of actors. Welad Rizq is a big-budget production which features real-life crimes and unprecedented thrilling action scenes

The 33-second teaser trailer gives the audience a glimpse on the action-packed film, whereas on the still appears the film’s leading cast Ahmed Ezz, Amr Youssef, Ahmed Dawood and Karim Kassem, who are keeping up a serious demeanor, displaying an intention on embarking on a perilous journey.
Welad Rizq follows four siblings who took the crime path long ago and vowed to dump it someday. When they fail in one of their missions, enmity evokes between the brothers and their eldest, the criminal mastermind, leaves them behind to a drug dealer who gets them involved in a risky deal. Only when an act of betrayal takes place, they find themselves chased by the police.
Written by Salah El Gehiny, the new thriller stars Ahmed Ezz, Amr Youssef, Ahmed El Feshawy, Karim Kassem, Ahmed Dawood, Sayed Ragab, Mohamed Mamdouh and Nesreen Amin. Welad Rizq is a new action- thriller with an unconventional plot based on crimes that have widely concerned the public opinion. The film is regarded as one of the big budget films expected to release in 2015.
Tarek Al Arian is one of the widely-acclaimed directors in the filmmaking scene with an extensive remarkable record of action thrillers. In his new feature Welad Rizq, Al Arian has embarked on a shooting journey across Egyptian shaabi alleys, starting from the boisterous shabby alleys of Al Hattaba neighborhood in El Kalaa district near Salah El Din Citadel, to the historical palace of Abu Rihab in Manial Al Rawda, where the scenes of the police station and the secret casino, where illegal acts are performed, were shot. Across the rowdy alleys of Ein El Sera, Tarek faced one of the toughest filming stages, as the audience crowded around the film stars. Also, some of the scenes were shot across one of in night clubs located in Giza and Maadi. Reaching the final stages of filming Welad Rizq, director Tarek Al Arian completed the internal scenes at studio Al-Musallmy.

Featuring scenes with a large number of stars and extras, Al Arian in his new thriller has collaborated with a Danish team of experts in the action and car chases scenes.