Sukkar Mor Participates in the Calgary Arab Arts and Culture Society in Canada

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Sukkar Mor Participates in the Calgary Arab Arts and Culture Society in Canada

Director Hany Khalifa's film Sukkar Mor will be part of the 4th Calgary Arab Arts and Culture Society festival (28 April -1 May) taking place in the Province of Alberta, Canada.

The four-day event will screen eight, as per two films a day, with only English subtitles. Sukkar Mor will be screened on Saturday, April 30th at 09:00 pm (GMT 6-).

Commenting on this, writer Mohamed Abd El Moaty expressed his extreme happiness with the film's participation at Calgary. The festival marks Sukkar Mor's seventh participation in international festivals worldwide including; Sweden, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.

"It was expected that the film gains wide acclaim among critics and audiences alike, as Sukkar Mor combines several success. I hope all the Arab audiences out there in Canada attend the screening of the film. "

Sukkar Mor revolves around several characters witnessing unexpected dramatic changes due to certain incidents in their lives during five years of political and social turmoil reflected on the romantic attachments that were supposed to have a happily ever after ending. Despite all odds, everyone still clings on hope for this New Year, because no one can really predict the future.

Produced by Manz Pictures of Dr. Mohamed Manzour, Sukkar Mor is directed by Hani Khalifa
and written by Mohammed Abd Elmoaty. The film stars Ahmed Al Fishawy, Haitham Ahmed
Zaki, Ayten Amer, Shery Adel, together with Nahed El Sebai, Amina Khalil, Nabil Issa, Karim
Fahmy, Omar El Saeed, and Sarah Shahin.

The Calgary Arab Arts and Culture Society is a non-denominational organization whose purpose is to contribute to Calgary's thriving arts and cultural scene by actively promoting events that involve cinema, visual art and comedy. This comes by presenting a positive view of Arab life and society as an alternative to what is portrayed in the media, introducing audiences to the humanity, love and humour in daily Arab life and showcasing the rich history and diversity of Arab culture.