Director of Photography Ahmed Beshary (Chico) Joins MAD Celebrity

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Director of Photography Ahmed Beshary (Chico) Joins MAD Celebrity

Dear Journalists and Reporters in the Media and Production Companies:

Kindly be informed that Director of Photography Ahmed Beshary has now joined MAD Celebrity’s clients.

Therefore, the company is now exclusively serving as the official and sole management and representation agency for the star, and the only liaison for him in the media outlets and with production companies.

For interviews, information, photos, confirmation of news or any type of communication (contracts, deals, endorsements...etc) with Ahmed Beshary, please contact us at:

Ahmed Beshary (Chico) is a young Director of Photography (DOP) whose talent and hard work enabled him to be a part of many significant projects like Paranormal by director Amr Salama, whom Chico collaborated with before for the hit film Sheikh Jackson. He also was the Director of Photography of the film Mawlana by director Magdy Ahmed Ali, and Men Dahr Ragel by director Kareem El Sobky. Besides, Beshary's repertoire includes a plethora of commercial campaigns that have been shot in Egypt and abroad.