Nardine Farag the New Fashion Icon of The Voice

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Nardine Farag the New Fashion Icon of The Voice

Since the beginning of the live shows of the new season of The Voice, and within a few weeks, Nardine Farag has become the talk of the town everywhere in the fashion world. With her fiercely elegant looks, Farag was able to grab the attention of fashion lovers and professionals alike through three different looks, signed by the Lebanese stylist Cedric Haddad.

Nardine began to bring the attention to her style of fashion since the airing of The Voice Kids by the end of last year, then in the recorded episodes of The Voice, to the three live episodes that highlighted the birth of Nardine's name as a fashion star.

In the first episode of the live show of The Voice, Nardine was dressed up in a sleek silver dress designed by Lebanese designer Rani Zakhem, jewelry by designer Sylvie Saliba, a hairstyle by Fadia El Mendelek, and simple glowy make-up look by Maya Yammine. The entire look was put together by Stylist Cedric Haddad.

Nardine's second look at the show received a wide acclaim as she appeared in a charming green beaded jumpsuit with the signature of Lebanese designer Georges Hobeika that Haddad chose to match it with a pair of long earrings and a set of rings designed by Sylvie Saliba. Hairstylists Fadia El Mendelek and Joe Srour picked up a simple hairstyle to highlight the design of the jumpsuit, and make-up artist Maya Yammine added her magical touch ups to a shiny and unique look.

Nardine's latest look at the third episode of the show had a classic style, with a shiny black strapless evening dress designed by Hamada Al Fahim, a wavy hairstyle by Fadia El Mendelek and Joe Srour, which was paired with a diamond necklace by Sylvie Saliba, and a glowy make-up look by Maya Yammine.

Nardine has always had this passion for fashion, as she is always keen on having a unique look in her photo sessions and always give special attention to her daily outfits as it appears in her photos on instagram.