Mona Abdel Wahab Reveals Details on Ahl Al Mahaba

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Mona Abdel Wahab Reveals Details on Ahl Al Mahaba

TV presenter Mona Abdel Wahab revealed details on her new show which will air on Al Nahar TV network by the end of March simultaneously with the Orphans Day celebrations in Egypt (the first Friday in April). Launched under the name Ahl Al Mahaba, the first episode will shed light on supporting orphans and will feature a number of interviews with famous stars and public figures who are best known for their endless efforts in supporting this cause.

Mona Abdel Wahab stated that she has been preparing since two years for the show, which was first started under a different name before changing it into Ahl Al Mahaba. She revealed that the new name is suggesting that helping others is not a favor, but it is a duty everyone should have towards society, and it must be done with love.

"The show is targeting the Egyptian young volunteers, companies, advertising sponsors and donors, whether with products or money, people who contact us in the show in addition to the show's team and Al Nahar TV channel, which opened its platform for us to be the medium through which we'll be communicating with the community, paying for all the costs of the production," commented Mona.

Abdel Wahab explained that the show will include many sections; one of which will include a complete makeover and renovations for worn out sections of institutes providing public services, such as: hospitals and schools, poor shabby houses, and orphanages. All of this will be completed in festive atmosphere, which will set the show apart from any other charity programs. Another section will feature a celebrity/public figure who is supporting a certain cause and will ask their fans for support by making donations, in addition to a section that highlights success stories of people who made it through the challenges and obstacles they faced in their lives, and the show will provide help for them to achieve one of their dreams.

Mona Abdel Wahab is a young TV presenter who has been able to attract attention through her TV program Al Hokm Ba'd Al Mozawla, a candid camera type of show that aired during Ramadan 2011. On the show, Mona played the role of an Israeli TV presenter trying to antagonize her celebrity guests. Her early success led to her signing a contract with OSN as a presenter and executive producer for Al Ghesh Mamnou'e, which hosts celebrities in a set that is similar to classrooms where they are asked tough questions. Mona then presented Abu Za'abal, hosting politicians and media personalities in a set designed with prison-like d├ęcor.

Mona Abdel Wahab's most recent project is Mosarha Horra (2015), where she continues to host celebrities in unusual atmospheres. The program witnesses many controversial stand-offs that drew a lot of media attention specially due to Mona's success in getting her guests to reveal their innermost, personal, and unexpected secrets.