release date September 14 2018
iProductions and Film Clinic Release a Series of Teaser Videos Introducing Gunshot's Characters
iProductions and Film Clinic have released a series of teaser videos for the stars of director Karim El Shenawy and writer Haitham Dabbour's new feature film Gunshot through the film's official Facebook and Instagram pages. The videos feature stars Ahmad Al Fishawy, Ruby, Mohamed Mamdouh, Asmaa Aboul Yazeed, and Arfa Abdel Rassoul who is the narrator in the videos.

The series begins with a video of Dr. Yassin (Ahmad Al Fishawy) with the voice of Arfa saying, "Dr. Yassin only feels comfortable in speaking with the bodies and his secret is in fridge no. 12 in the morgue." The second video features the journalist Maha (Ruby) and in the background, "Maha is a smart journalist. She won't stop until she finds the hidden truth, even if it is crystal clear like the sun." The videos continue with the character of Khaled (Mohamed Mamdouh) with the voice saying, "Khaled is my eldest son. He lives a tough life, but he is a kind-hearted man who loves to eat the salad with onions." The last two videos feature Salma (Asmaa Aboul Yazeed) with the voice in the background saying, "Slama, my son's fiancée, even after what has been broken", followed by Saydat (Arfa Abdel Rassoul) who says, "I'm Alaa's mother. I'm the truth that has 100 faces."

This comes ahead of the film's world premiere at the second edition of El Gouna Film Festival.
Amid deadly clashes with anti-riot forces, bodies start piling in Cairo's morgue. While examining the cadaver of Alaa Abu Zayd, the forensic doctor notices something unusual.The doctor, who is alcohol dependent and battles personal and family problems, writes a medical report that stirs media frenzy, public anger, and accusations of political and ethical corruption. Along with a hard-working journalist, they undertake a journey seeking facts, where their perception of truth, their principles and beliefs are challenged, and they are forced to face the dilemma of their life.

Produced by iProductions and co-produced by Film Clinic, Gunshot stars Ahmad Al Fishawy, Ruby, Mohamed Mamdouh, Arfa Abdel Rassoul, and Asmaa Aboul Yazeed, along with guest stars Ahmed Malek, Hana Shiha, Ahmad Kamal, Safaa El Toukhy, Samy Maghawry, and Mohamed Radwan. The film's crew includes; DOP Abdel Salam Mousa, Costume Designer Nahed Nasrallah, Set Designer Ali Hossam Ali, Line Producer Ahmed Youssef, Editor Ahmed Hafez, Sound Engineer Ahmed Adnane, Sound Mixing by Ahmed Abul Saad, and Composer Amine Bouhafa.

It's worth mentioning that the latest film produced by iProductions is Sheikh Jackson last year, and The Guest by director Hadi El Bagoury is set to release soon.

iProductions is a fully-fledged production company that was established in 2013 in Egypt as a content production arm of O-Media Holding media investments and its subsidiary PromOmedia.

iProductions aims to be a truly integrated content company that develops, produces and distributes high quality content, catering to the Egyptian and the pan-Arab market. The company also strives to produce entertainment TV shows and all sorts of content. Along with focusing on local and regional content, iProductions is also keen on keeping track of international unique content to acquire remake rights.

iProductions's work include Al-Saba' Wasaya (The Seven Commandments) TV Series (2014), Barakat Malik Al Harakat TV Show (2014), Sadeq El Omr TV Series (2014), Wedding Song TV Series (2016), and the films Hepta: The Last Lecture (2016), Mawlana (2017), and Sheikh Jackson (2017), in addition to Gunshot and The Guest that are set to release soon.