release date December 14 2017
iProductions Brings Together Director Hadi El Bagoury and Writer Ibrahim Eissa in Al Deif Film
During his participation in the 14th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), Ahmed Fahmy, Managing Director of iProductions, announced the first details of the company's latest film project titled Al Deif
(The Guest) directed by Hadi El Bagoury and written by Ibrahim Eissa. The film is El Bagoury's and Eissa's second collaboration with the company.

This announcement was made during Fahmy's interview with Screen International magazine in its DIFF
dailies. He also announced that the film will star Shereen Reda, Khaled Elsawy, Ahmed Malek and Jamila Awad.

The Guest marks the second collaboration between writer Ibrahim Eissa and iProductions after Mawlana film. It is also the company's second time to work with Director Hadi El Bagoury after Hepta: The Last Lecture that is the highest-grossing romantic film in the history of Egyptian cinema with revenues more than EGP 27 million. This is the first time for Eissa and El Bagoury to work together.

The film follows a young man who is invited by a family to a dinner party that takes an unexpected turn. "I can't give too much detail on Ahmed Malek's role as the plot turns on the fact that the relationship between the guest and the rest of the family is not immediately clear", said Fahmy in a statement to the magazine.

During the current edition of DIFF, Screen International selected Malek among the five promising Arab stars in the Stars of Tomorrow programme (Arab Stars of Tomorrow).

iProductions is a fully-fledged production company that was established in 2013 in Egypt as a content production arm of O-Media Holding media investments and its subsidiary PromOmedia. iProductions
aims to be a truly integrated content company that develops, produces and distributes high quality content, catering to the Egyptian and the pan-Arab market. The company also strives to produce entertainment TV shows and all sorts of content. Along with focusing on local and regional content, iProductions is also keen on keeping track of international unique content to acquire remake rights.

iProductions work include Al-Saba' Wasaya (The Seven Commandments) TV Series (2014), Barakat Malik Al Harakat TV Show (2014), Sadeq El Omr TV Series (2014), Wedding Song TV Series (2016) and the films Mawlana (2016), Hepta: The Last Lecture (2016), and Sheikh Jackson (2017), in addition to Gunshot (in production) and Al Deif (The Guest) film project.