release date October 30 2018
Yasmin Raeis a Jury Member of the Cinema of Tomorrow Competition for Short Films
In a Press Conference held today, the administration of the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) revealed that star Yasmin Raeis has been selected to join the jury members of the Cinema of Tomorrow Competition for Short Films within the festival's 40th edition (20 - 29 November).

Alongside Yasmin Raeis, the jury includes Algeriandirector Karim Moussaoui and producer Cathy De Haan. As a parallel programme to CIFF, the Cinema of Tomorrow Competition for Short Films includes 20 films from all over the world.

Most recently, Raeis presented two successful works that received a huge audience acclaim; Kiss Me Not film and Ana Shahira.. Ana El Kha'en TV series. She also took part in Looking for Oum Kulthum by the Iranian/American director Shirin Nashat. Looking for Oum Kulthum follows the character of the Arab world's renowned singer Oum Kulthum as a woman who was able to break down societal, religious, political and national barriers in her eastern community. The film landed its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival and has also been to several film festivals, including: the Toronto International Film Festival and the BFI London Film Festival.

The Tunisian Association of Innovative Arab Women (Mobdi3at 3arabiyyet) honored Raeis within its 22nd conference for her role in Factory Girl. Raeis is the first ever young female star to be honored by the conference, as the administration usually invites female models with long experience in their fields.

The turning point in Yasmin's career was her role in Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl, as she received six awards; the Best Actress Award from the 2013 Dubai International Film Festival, Best Actress Award from the Malmo Arab Film Festival in Sweden, Best Actress Award at the 18th Egyptian National Film Festival, the Best Actress Award at the 41st Egyptian Film Association Festival, Best Actress at the Silk Road Film Festival in Dublin, Ireland, and most recently, a Special Mention from the Jury of Feature Film within the International Oriental Film Festival in Geneva.