release date March 15 2015
Yasmin Raeis Reveals Details on Her Role in Men Dahr Ragel
Egyptian actress Yasmin Raeis has recently unveiled details on her new role in her latest cinematic hit Men Dahr Ragel. In this film, Yasmin plays the role of a poor girl who lives in a shaaby neighborhood where she falls in love, yet her love story does not pan out as she planned, and her life takes dramatic turns as a result.

Commenting on her role in Men Dahr Ragel, Raies stated, "I'm very pleased to be part of Men Dahr Ragel where I'm playing a significant role in this romance/drama film, which is something totally different from my widely acclaimed role in Factory Girl. The film is introducing a diverse set of interesting and unconventional characters, and even the love story taking place is not the fairytale kind of love; as the character I'm playing will marry someone else, not the one she's in love with which will open doors for further dramatic complications."

Directed by Karim El Sobky, Men Dahr Ragel co-stars Asser Yassin, Mahmoud Hemeda, Sherif Ramzy, and Sabry Fawwaz. The film is written by Mohamed Amin Radi, who previously wrote the two TV smash-hit dramas which premiered previously in two Ramadan seasons; Neran Sadeqa and El Sabaa' Wasaya.

Raies has recently received the total of 4 awards in recognition of her astounding performance in Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl. Along with her role in Men Dahr Ragel, is currently shooting her scenes in the mockumentary Balash Tebosny, directed and written by Ahmed Amer.