release date March 25 2015
Yasmin Raeis Lands Her 5th Win for Her Role in Factory Girl
The romance experienced and lived by poor Hiyam continues its award-winning tour, dazzling audience and critics alike worldwide. This time Hiyam found her way to success through an ancient trade route, which was revamped into the Silk Road Film Festival. On Monday, the second edition of the festival has announced its winners, granting Egyptian actress Yasmin Raeis the Best Actress award for her role as Hiyam in Factory Girl. With this win, Raeis has added the fifth award to her record for this film.

The Silk Road Film Festival welcomes films from countries, which were part of the historical network of ancient trade routes across the Afro-Eurasian landmass that connected Asia with the Arab world, Africa, the Mediterranean and European world.

Helmed by veteran director Mohamed Khan, the film is written by Wessam Suleiman, and stars Yasmin Raeis, Hany Adel, Salwa Khatab, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Ibtihal El Sereti and a diverse array of new promising stars. The film is produced by Mohamed Samir's DayDream Art Production and is distributed in the Arab world by MAD Solutions, which also promoted the film worldwide.

Factory Girl tells the story of Hiyam, a young factory worker, lives in a lower-middle-class neighborhood, along with her co-workers. She is clearly under the spell of Salah, the factory's new supervisor, who has expressed his admiration for her. She believes love can transcend the class differences between them. However, when a pregnancy test is discovered in the factory premises, her family and close friends accuse her of sinning. Hiyam decides not to defend herself and pays an enormous price in a society that fails to accept independent women.

Khan's Factory Girl was not only Egypt's official submission to the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 87th Academy Awards (Oscars), but also reaped the total of 15 awards from international festivals. In December 2013, the film had its world premiere at Dubai International Film Festival within the Muhr Arab Feature competition where the film received the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) award for Arab Feature Competition, and the film's star Yasmin Raeis walked away with the Best Actress award. In July 2014, the film earned a Special Jury Prize from MEDFilm Festival in Italy, where it was screened at the opening gala of the festival.

The film's star, Yasmin Raeis, reaped the Best Actress Award at Malmo Arab Film Festival in Sweden, and its Screenwriter Wessam Soliman also received the Best Writing Award at the Sala Women Film Festival in Morocco.

Factory Girl ended 2014 with receiving multiple awards from international film festivals earning 4 awards from 18th Egyptian National Film Festival, which hosted an honorary screening for the film at the closing ceremony after competing in the festival's Feature-length Competition. The film swept the festival's major awards; The First Prize, Best Director award, Best Screenplay and the Best Actress award.

In February, 2015, Factory Girl swept 6 awards from the 41st Egyptian Film Association Festival. The film earned the Excellence Award for director Mohamed Khan; a Special Jury Award; Best Actress award for Yasmin Raeis; Best Supporting Actress for Salwa Khatab; Best Screenplay award for Wessam Suleiman; Best Film Editing award for Dina Farouk.

The film hit Egyptian theatres on March 19th, 2014, and was released in the UAE the next day. Factory Girl carried on its flourishing commercial tour across Lebanon, Palestinian territories and other 3 Arab countries. Garnering the total of 1.6 million EGP in Egyptian box office, Factory Girl ran for 19 consecutive weeks.

In a fresh breakthrough for Mohamed Khan's Factory Girl across international film festivals, Arab Cinema in Sweden (ACIS), a distribution arm under the umbrella of Malmo Arab Film Festival, has announced the theatrical release of Factory Girl across Sweden on Friday, April 24th, 2015. Marking the film's first release beyond the Arab world, the film will be screened in 9 cities in Sweden. The film will also get a theatrical release in several countries the list of which will be revealed soon.