release date December 18 2015
Yasmin Raeis Joins Hepta: The Last Lecture
Official Facebook page of the film project Hepta: The Last Lecture has revealed the news that star Yasmin Raeis has signed for the new film based on Mohamed Sadek's best seller novel, Hepta. Raeis is the fifth name on the list that is revealed by The Producers, the film's production company, through the film's official page after the joining of Maged El Kedwany, Ahmed Malek, Ahmed Dawood and Dina El Sherbiny.

The page postd Raeis's statement where she said, "Hepta is the stage of an overlooked love, the love that we fear, the love that we are passionate to experience, the love that we can't live without. Within Hepta, or the '7', lie so many secrets... the secrets of love."

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Raising curiosity among the anticipated film fans and the book readers, details have not been revealed yet on Yasmin's role in the film.

Hepta: The Last Lecture Facbook page was launched by the film's production company, The Producers, aiming to create an interactive platform to connect with the book fans in Egypt and the Arab world. The page is operating as a means of communication with audiences throughout the production process, and through which the company will select several members of the audience to have cameos in the film, which gives them an opportunity to participate in transforming their favorite novel into a cinematic work of art.

Inspired by Mohamed Sadek's novel, Hepta, the film is directed by Hadi El Bagoury, whose repertoire includes several cinema blockbusters, such as Wahed Saheh (2011) and the spine-chilling thriller Warda (2014). The film's cinematic adaption is scripted by Wael Hamdy, who previously wrote the cinematic hit Mikano (2009).

Hepta, which means number seven in ancient Greek, takes the reader in a journey to the worn-out world of love, which was tackled by thousands of authors throughout the years. Despite the fact that love is a recurrent theme, almost everyone commits the same mistakes, goes through the same pains and gets entangled in the same dreams and hopes. Sadek, in his novel, tracks the seven stages of love namely; the beginning, the encounter, the relationship bond, the wakefulness, the truth, which is followed by the decision, and then the ending, or the "Hepta" stage.

Hepta is Mohamed Sadek's third novel, preceded by Taha the Stranger, and A few Hours One Day. Hepta was released in the beginning of 2014 by Rewaq Publishing and was a huge success topping the best-seller lists at Shorouk Bookstores for several weeks. It was also the most read novel among users during June 2014 in several Arab countries and more than 36 editions of the book have been published since its release.