release date October 13 2013
World Premiere and New Horizons Competition Entry for Villa 69 at Abu Dhabi Film Festival
Egyptian Filmmaker Wael Omar is once again part of Abu Dhabi Film Festival with his first feature production, Villa 69, by his production house Middle West Films. Omar has been part of

Abu Dhabi Film Festival's installment last year where he received the Best Arab Director award with Philippe L. Dib for their documentary In Search of Oil and Sand, which is produced by Middle West Films.

The film is competing in New Horizons Competition within the 7th Abu Dhabi Film Festival. Co-produced by Film Clinic and Middle West Films, Villa 69 stars Khaled Abol Naga, Lebleba, and Arwa Gouda. Villa 69 is written by Mohamed Al Hag and is the feature directorial of Ayten Ameen.

Wael Omar expressed his excitement to take part in the festival with his first feature film at Middle West Films stating, "I'm extremely happy for many reasons; first, this film is the first feature produced by Middle West Films, which is dedicated to documentaries only; second, this is the world premiere of the film that witnessed the participation of several talented movie stars and filmmakers including an experienced Producer such as Mohamed Hefzy; and last, this is all taking place in Abu Dhabi Film Festival, which is an outstanding station in the career of any Arab filmmaker."

This film is the first feature produced by Middle West Films, following the big success for the documentaries produced by the production house since it was first founded by Wael Omar in 2008.The company's main target is making authentic, entertaining, multi-cultural media that is spun around heritage, history, and showing off the often-misconstrued personality of our region.

"We're currently planning to produce more features through Middle West Films alongside the special documentaries which is the company's main dedication." Says Wael Omar on the future plans of his production house.

On the filmmakers cooperating in the new film, Wael Omar commented, "Director Ayten Ameen together with Screenwriter Mohamed Al Hagg have proved their distinguished talent as filmmakers. As for Khaled Abol Naga, he's taken the risk of getting out of his comfort zone and took on a role that brought out one of his most memorable and unique performances".

Villa 69 follows Hussein, a man living in isolation in his house. Characters from his past begin to invade solitary lifestyle that he is in and his life witnesses drastic changes following the encounter with his sister and nephew, Seif. As a result, gradual and yet radical changes in his dogmatic view of life begin to emerge.

Ayten Ameen was the recipient of the Cairo Film Connection prize within the frame work of Cairo International Film Festival in 2010 for her film Villa 69. The project has also won a development fund prize from Hubert Bals Fund and was also the official selection in Pavilion des Cinemas Du Monde, Cannes Film Festival 2011.