Waheed Hamed's Official Website Releases

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Documenting His Extended History

Waheed Hamed's Official Website Releases

Documenting his extended repertoire of iconic works in Film and TV, director Marwan Hamed revealed the launch of official website for the late writer Waheed Hamed in addition to official accounts on different social media platforms.

The website introduces an official register of Waheed Hamed’s oeuvre in Film, TV, Theatre and Radio. In addition, it gives the users access to all the articles, interviews, and features published in newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, it offers an extended gallery of images and videos featuring him in different interviews.

Through more than 100 films, TV dramas, radio shows, and theatrical productions, Egyptian screenwriter Waheed Hamed carved a place for himself in the Arab world by utilizing all the dramatic tools he could get his hands on since the 1970s and over 50 years. The success of his work was reflected in the rave reviews received from audiences and critics alike.

website link: wahidhamed.com