Three Films Distributed by MAD Solutions at the Arabisk Filmfest in Norway

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Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers| Between Two Seas | Mafak

Three Films Distributed by MAD Solutions at the Arabisk Filmfest in Norway

Three films distributed by MAD Solutions will screen at this year’s Arabisk Filmfest (September 15-20) in Bergen, Norway. These films are: Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers by Marwan Hamed, Between Two Seas by Anas Tolba and Mafak by Bassam Jarbawi. Featuring the most remarkable films that have been released through the year, Arabisk Filmfest aims to celebrate the Arab films and cinema industry.

The films are slated to be screened as following; Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers on Friday, 18 September at 9:00 PM (GMT +1), Mafak on Saturday, 19 September at 3:30 PM and Between Two Seas on Sunday, 20 September at 8:30 PM.

About Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers:

Five years after the events in the first film, Dr. Yehia Rashid is summoned to the female-only ward no. 8, where he meets someone who messes up his life and his family's life. In his attempt to take control of his life and solve this new mystery, Yehia seeks the help of the Blue Elephant pills.

Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers brings together the same cast and crew of the first film, including director Marwan Hamed, screenwriter Ahmed Mourad, DOP Ahmad Al Morsy, Editor Ahmed Hafez, Costume Designer Nahed Nasrallah, Music Composer Hesham Nazih, Production Designer Mohamed Attia, along with Producer Ahmad Badawy, Director of Synergy Films that is founded by Producer Tamer Morsi.

The film stars Karim Abdelaziz and Nelly Karim, along with new cast members joining the sequel; Hend Sabry, Eyad Nassar, Shereen Reda, and Tara Emad. It is distributed worldwide by MAD Solutions and Misr International Films (MIF), and MAD Solutions handles the film’s marketing

About Mafak:

It follows Young Ziad who is imprisoned on the heels of an act of revenge assassinating an Israeli settler who shot his best friend dead. Released 15 years later, Ziad is trying to pick up his life, suffering from some form of PTSD, and hitches a ride that will return him to a more familiar life.

Landing its world premiere at Venice Film Festival, Mafak has participated in more than 50 international film festivals. The film also opened Toronto Palestine Film Festival and participated in El Gouna Film Festival. Directed and written by Bassam Jarbawi, marking his debut feature film, the film stars Ziad Bakri, Amir Khoury and Jameel Khoury, and co-produced by the Indian production company Dialectic and the Palestinian production company Rimsh Film owned by Bassam Jarbawi and Yasmine Qaddumi. MAD Solutions handles the film's distribution in the Arab world.

About Between Two Seas:

While on a short visit to her home village, a small rural island near Cairo, Zahra's daughter is exposed to a tragic accident. Following this incident, Zahra persists on getting her daughter's right and insists on not only continuing her education but also benefiting her community. The film sheds light on different societal issues faced by women, especially in rural areas
Directed by Anas Tolba and written by Mariam Naoum, based on a script by Amany El Tounsy and Karim El Dalil, Between Two Seas stars Fatma Adel, Yara Goubran, Tharaa Goubail, Mahmoud Fares, Arfa Abdel Rassoul, and Lobna Wanas. The film is produced by Axeer and executive produced by Abdelrahman Al Garwani, the UN Women, and the National Council for Women. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution and promotion in the Arab world.