release date September 02 2016
The World Premiere of A Day for Women at BFI London Film Festival
Directed by Kamla Abouzekri and produced by Elham Shahin, A Day for Women is landing its world premiere at the 60th edition of the BFI London Film Festival (5-16 October) within the Debate
Strand section.

It is worth noting that Director Kamla Abouzekri was the first Egyptian female director to take part of the festival, since she has participated at its 53rd edition of the festival with her feature film, One-Zero.

A Day for Women has been selected to open the 38th edition of the Cairo International Film
Festival (CIFF) (15-24 November) where the film is contending within the festival's Official Competition.

About A Day for Women's participation at the BFI London Film Festival, producer and star Elham
Shahin comments, "BFI London Film Festival is one of the most important and prestigious film festivals in the world, as its screenings include hundreds of films from all over the world. Also, one of the strongest elements of this festival is enjoying a wide turnout of diverse audiences; which puts it among the top five international film events in terms of audience turnout because one of the main goals of film participation at film festivals is that the audience is engaged in the experience of watching. That's why we are excited about the releasing of the film there."

A Day for Women takes place in one of the slums in Egypt where a youth center decides to allocate one day on the swimming pool for women only and the consequences of this decision on the social, psychological and emotional life of the neighborhood's women.

Written by Hanaa Atiyah, A Day for Women stars a number of magnificent old and young stars including; Elham Shahin, Mahmoud Hemida, Farouk Al Fishawy, Ahmad Al Fishawy, Nelly Karim, Eyad Nassar,
Nahed El Sebai, Ahmed Dawood and Hala Sedqi. The film is directed by Kamla Abouzekri, produced by star Elham Shahin through her company Shahin Film and MAD Solutions is handling the distribution and marketing for the film.

The film cast includes a number of famous film duos including; Elham Shahin and Mahmoud Hemida
(Dantelle, Abu Zeid Zamanoh, Regatta); and Kamla Abouzekri and Nelly Karim (One-Zero, Bent Esmaha Zaat (A Girl Called Zaat) and Segn El Nesaa (Women's Prison) TV dramas) and also features star Farouk Al Fishawy and his son Ahmad Al Fishawy in their first scenes together. A Day for Women also marks the reuniting of Elham, Nelly and Kamla since their last film together One-Zero seven years ago.

Elham Shahin's filmography as a producer includes Hazz West El Balad (2015) by director Salah Abu Seif and Fawzeya's Secret Recipe (2005) by director Magdy Ahmed Aly. With a repertoire of more than 120 works which are various from films, plays and TV dramas, actress Elham Shahin has been awarded many awards from international film festivals including; Best Actress award at the Abu Dhabi Film
Festival (Fawzeya's Secret Recipe) and the Horus Award at the Cairo National Festival for Egyptian Cinema (The Desire).

Director Kamla Abouzekri's filmography includes; One-Zero (2009) which competed at many international film festivals such as Venice Film Festival and received more than 45 awards, Heads and Tails (2006) and An Al Eshq Wal Hawa (2006). As for TV dramas, Abouzekri directed Bent Esmaha
Zaat (A Girl Called Zaat) and Segn ElNesaa (Women's Prison) which achieved the top most-watched TV dramas during Ramadan season.

BFI London Film Festival is one of the oldest 20 festivals according to its starting date. The first round of the festival was launched in 1953 with an aim to become the 'festival of festivals'. The BFI London Film Festival is known for its selectiveness for choosing the best films by the best directors from all over the world. The average number of films that compete at the festival have reached over 300 films from 50 countries around the world. It is considered one of the top 5 international festivals that attract audiences as its ticket sales have surpassed 160 thousand tickets. It is also known for hosting the biggest stars of European and international cinema, in addition to organizing events that allow the audience to interact with them.