release date May 12 2022
The Screening of A TALE OF LOVE AND DESIRE, RAILSWAY MEN, and AYA at the Cultural Center in Tetouan
MAD Solutions will screen three Tunisian films as part of Tunisian Film Days program (Les Journées Du Cinéma Tunisien), which is held in collaboration between the association "Friends of Tetouan Cinema" (FTC), Tunisian Embassy in Morocco, and MAD Solutions, which will take place on May 12, 13, and 14.
The three films are Leyla Bouzid’s feature film A TALE OF LOVE AND DESIRE, Erige Sehiri's documentary film RAILWAY MEN, and  Moufida Fedhila's short film AYA, among a diverse selection of Tunisian films scheduled to be shown to create an environment conducive to the interchange of ideas and different cinematic approaches. The screenings will be held at the Cultural Center in Tetouan (Maison de la culture).
The film RAILWAY MEN will be shown on Friday, May 13th at 3:00 pm Tunisian time (+1 GMT), followed by the screening of AYA at 4:30 pm the same day, and A TALE OF LOVE AND DESIRE at 7 pm on Saturday, May 14th.
About A Tale Of Love And Desire:
The film is directed by Leyla Bouzid and follows the storyline of Ahmed, a French teenager of Algerian origin, meets Farah, a young Tunisian girl, and falls head over heels in love with her. While discovering a collection of sensual and erotic Arab literature, Ahmed tries to resist his desire for Farah.
About Railway Men:
Railway Men is a road movie that draws a portrait of Tunisian railway men and women. Driving the old locomotive, the protagonists of the Railway Men defend their own choices despite the risks. By denouncing incompetence and corruption, this film celebrates dignity, hope, and resilience.
About AYA:
The film’s plot follows a seven-year-old Aya, a young smart girl who lives in Tunis with her Salafist parents. One day, an unforeseen event disrupts the rhythm of the life of this family.