release date May 30 2017
The Royal Film Commission - Jordan Launches the Cinema for All Project in Correctional and Rehabilitation Centers around the Kingdom
In collaboration with the Public Security Directorate, represented by the management of Correctional and Rehabilitation Centers, the Royal Film Commission - Jordan (RFC) has launched the Cinema for All project that serves a large segment of inmates in these Centers in different areas of Jordan.

The project provides cultural and social entertainment for inmates, giving a rare opportunity to engage with the community outside the walls of the centers. The project showcases a selection of Jordanian films that correspond to the criteria of any cultural activity conducted in these detention places.

The inauguration of the Cinema for All project comes in line with the RFC's efforts to present cinematic events for various segments of the society around the country. It also falls within the Directorate's strategies and orientations to rehabilitate inmates and prepare them to re-integrate into society.

Since its establishment, the RFC has been keen on including cinema and films in cultural events in order to reach as large social segments as possible in partnership with different sectors and institutions, believing that culture and, specifically, cinema can cross barriers and build bridges between individuals and their communities.

The Directorate has prepared suitable venues for the film screenings and facilitated organizing them in the selected centers, whereas the RFC provided the screening rights for the movies in addition to technical equipment of high quality.

It is worth mentioning that the RFC has organized seven screenings within the framework of the project in a number of Governorates in the Kingdom. The first phase of the project included the Correctional and Rehabilitation Center for Women and other Correctional and Rehabilitation Centers in Marka, Umm Al Lulu, Al-Muwaqqar 1, Karak, Ma'an and Tafilah. The rest of the centers will be included later.

The screenings were very well received by the detainees and the management of the centers. They interacted with the film in a remarkable way and expressed their appreciation to have such events organized for the first time in the centers, as well as their desire for more similar activities.