release date November 18 2015
The Gate of Departure Is Extended for One More Week at Zawya Cinema
After its release in Zawya Cinemas last week, MAD Solutions decided to prolong the screening of Director Karim Hanafy's The Gate of Departure for one more week after the film's smashing success and in response to the demands of film enthusiasts who were not able to see it during the first week.
Prior to its release at Zawya, The Gate of Departure had a special screening on Sunday 8 November 2015 at the Downtown Donia Karim cinema, which was attended by numerous superstars, critics, and filmmakers, in addition to the film's cast and crew.

Among the attendees at the screening was director Yousry Nasrallah, who stated, "I loved the film since its premiere at the 36th Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF). It is a new, breathtaking and unique experience." Also, Khaled Abol Naga expressed his support for the film; "The Gate of Departure is a rare cinematic experience because it is liberated from what we've become accustomed to in cinema, in terms of language, dialogue, narrative styles, and maintained only the most important element; the true language of cinema: human emotions. My advice before watching: Simply wait and trust that without dialogue we can speak! Simply listen to your emotions and the surprise will be a wave of emotions at the end of the film!"

The Gate of Departure had a screening in the USA through the Arab Film Festival in San Francisco, which is considered one of the biggest and longest-standing annual independent film events screening modern contemporary films from and about the Arab world. The film is also set to take part in the 26th Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia (21 - 28 November) to compete in the Official Competition Debut Film section.

The film recounts the story of a young man who dreams of exploring the world as he grows up in isolation along with his grandmother and mother, who due to the latter's fears that he would abandon her, just as his father did, decides to lock him up in the house.

Written and directed by Karim Hanafy, The Gate of Departure stars Salwa Khattab, Ahmed Magdy, Amaal Abdel Hady and Shams Labib. The film is produced by Khaial Art Production with support from Egypt's Ministry of Culture with MAD Solutions on board as the film's distributor in the Arab world.

The film has won widespread critical and audience acclaim last year, as well as being the only Egyptian official selection at Cairo International Film Festival winning the Silver Pyramid Award for Best Artistic Contribution.

The Gate of Departure show times at Zawya: 1:00 pm and 10:00 pm