release date June 10 2014
The Fish Are Killed Twice Wins the Post-production Award at Ismailia Co-Production Platform
Ahmed Fawzy Saleh's documentary The Fish Are Killed Twice, won the Post-production award within 17th Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts, in addition to a
$ 15000 production services provided by Aroma company.

The film traces the story of two enthusiastic football fans who suddenly find themselves charged and sentenced to death for their alleged participation in murdering Al-Ahly fans during the famous massacre that took place at Port Said stadium. This sentence could be put into effect within a day, a month or a year. Apparently, their lives might seem normal; spending their time in their houses or in coffee shops with friends; yet if go a little deeper in their lives you can realize that nothing is normal at all.

Taking place from 5th to 7th of June, the 2nd Ismailia Co-Production Platform is the first Arab co-production forum primarily dedicated to documentaries. It provides filmmakers with opportunities to have meetings with industry experts, sales agents, and funders. By the end of the festival, the platform gives several awards worth of $ 5000, granted to films at the production stage, and production services up to $ 15000 to films at the post-production stage.

The Fish Are Killed Twice is produced by Haut les Mains Productions based in Lyon (France) and founded in 2009 by independent producers Karim Aitouna and Thomas Micoulet. The film is co-produced by Al Batrik Inc. and the Japanese Television.

Ahmed Fawzi Saleh is a director and a human rights activist. Born in Alexandria, Saleh was raised in Port Said and holds a degree in History from Suez Canal University. He then studied Screenwriting in High Cinema Institute (2009). As a Researcher and a Scriptwriter, he took part in several documentaries. He directed an experimental short film, Mocha, then, he directed his documentary Living Skin that screened in 20 international film festivals and received 3 awards.