release date February 08 2016
The Announcement of the Jury and the Nominees of the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung for international cooperation

Robert Bosch Stiftung announces the fifteen nominated film projects by teams of Arab and German filmmakers now competing for the awards of short fiction film, short animated film and short or feature length documentary, each worth up to 70.000 euros. The three winner film projects will be announced on Sunday, 14th of February at the award ceremony held in the frame of Berlinale Talents within the 66th edition of Berlin International Film Festival.

This year's Jury encompasses; George David, Director of Royal Film Commission of Jordan;
Johannes Ebert, General Secretary of Goethe-Institute; Doris Hepp, Commissioning Editor of ZDF/Arte, Producer Roman Paul, Founder of Razor Film Production Berlin; Hania Mroué, Director of Metropolis Art Cinema Beirut; Director Marianne Khoury, Co-manager of Misr International Films Cairo and Florian Weghorn, Programme Manager of Berlinale Talents.

Frank W. Albers, project manager and initiator of the Film Prize comments "With every prize we offer, we believe that we're on the right track supporting international cooperation between Arab and German filmmakers. This year, we noticed that all the applied film projects are very sophisticated and mature in their ideas - a fact that makes our job harder. I think selecting the winning film project will be demanding but an enrichment at the same time. All the best of luck for the jury and the young filmmakers from Germany and the Arab world!"

The International Jury will meet during two days in the Representative Office of the Robert Bosch Stiftung in Berlin before the start of the Berlin International Film Festival, where each nominated team of filmmakers will pitch their project's idea within 15 minutes to the Jury. The Nominees have been previously prepared for this pitch during an intense training with experts at the Nominee Forum, which was held last November and December.

Since 2013, the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung for international cooperation targets film co-production between young German filmmakers and their partners from the Arab World, encouraging intercultural exchange. Applying for the competition starts annually in May and closes by end of July. The three winning films will benefit from the value of the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung in funding his/her film project.


Short Fiction Films:

Director: MayyeZayed
Scriptwriter: MayyeZayed
Producer: Halina Dyrschka
Co-Producer: MayyeZayed

Sugar Free
Director: MennaEkram
Scriptwriter: Maha El Wazir
Producer: Veronica Priefer
Co-Producer: Michel Makram

The Cheerful Giver
Director: Mina Nabil
Scriptwriter: Mina Nabil
Producer: Jens-Florian Groß
Co-Producer: Mark Lotfy

The Tower
Director: Murad Abu Eisheh
Scriptwriter: Murad Abu Eisheh
Producers: Luis Singer, Dennis Schanz
Co-Producer: Rand Beiruty

Director: FeyrouzSerhal
Scriptwriter: FeyrouzSerhal
Producer: Stefan Gieren
Co-Producer: Lara AbouSaifan

Documentary Films:

Director: Karam Ali
Producer: Leonie Hesse
Co-Producer: Casey Asprooth-Jackson, MohanadYaqubi

Ghorbati (My Estrangement)
Director: SuhaibNashwan
Scriptwriter: SuhaibNashwan
Producer: Flavia Oertwig
Co-Producer: Dalia Al Nimer

Lift Like a Girl
Director: AmroshBadr
Scriptwriter: AmroshBadr
Producer: Moritz Helmes
Co-Producer: MayyeZayed

Director: Amine Hattou
Scriptwriter: Amine Hattou
Producer: Thomas Kaske
Co-Producer: Claire Mazeau-Karoum

Miguel's War
Director: Eliane Raheb
Scriptwriter: Eliane Raheb
Producer: LissiMuschol, Margot Haiböck
Co-Producer: Eliane Raheb

Waiting for the Train
Director: ZeinaSfeir
Scriptwriter: Carine Doumit
Producer: Eva Schellenbeck
Co-Producer: Sabine Sidawi

Animation Films:

Four Acts for Syria
Directors: Waref Abu Quba, KevorkMourad
Scriptwriter: Waref Abu Quba
Producer: Eva Illmer
Co-Producer: Waref Abu Quba

Have A Nice Dog!
Director: Jalal Maghout
Scriptwriter: Jalal Maghout
Producer: KarstenMatern
Co-Producer: Jalal Maghourt

Director: Ahmad Saleh
Scriptwriter: Ahmad Saleh
Producer: Stefan Gieren
Co-Producer: Ahmad Saleh

Stretch Marks
Director: Sandra Dajani
Scriptwriter: Sandra Dajani
Producer: GregorZootzky
Co-Producer: Sandra Dajani