release date October 04 2016
The 6th Malmo Arab Film Festival Announces the Winning Films
On Tuesday, the 4th of October, the Malmö Arab Film Festival (MAFF) announced the winning films of its 6th edition. The list of winning films included films that contended within the festival's three competitions: Features, Documentaries and Short Films, in addition to the film projects that participated at the MAFF Market Forum.

The Arab Cinema Center (ACC) partners took over the list of the winners which includes: Nawara (Red Star) as the film received three awards namely; the Best Feature Film, Best Script and the Best Actress Award for Menna Shalabi. The Curve (Film Clinic and The Imaginarium Films) has won the Best Actor Award for Ashraf Barhoum. In the Land of Wonder film project (Film Clinic) has received two awards at the MAFF Development Funding- within the MAFF Market Forum; 150,000 SEK (approx $18.000) from the Swedish Film Institute and MAFF, in addition to the Luxor African Film Festival Workshop award, which is an invitation for two feature film projects to participate in a workshop together with five other promising productions in Luxor in 2017. Birds of Paradise film project by director Mohamed Daradji also won the same award. Furthermore, MAD Solutions has offered an award to the Tiny Souls film project by Jordanian director Dina Naser. The MAD award includes the company's promotional and distribution services for the winning films in the Arab world.

The Malmö Arab Film Festival(MAFF) is dedicated to screening films from across the Arab world for the different communities, about 175 different nationalities, living in Sweden. The festival will welcome thousands of cinema-goers from Malmö and the region as well as famous actors, directors, producers and film professionals to enjoy the year's greatest films from the Arab world.

Short Film Competition Awards:
- Special Mention| Besieged Bread by director Soudade Kaadan
- The Jury Award| Aya Goes to the Beach by director Maryam Touzani
- The Best Short Film Award| Dry Hot Summers by director Sherif Elbendary

Documentary Competition Awards:
- The Jury Award|Skin by director Afraa Batous
- The Best Documentary Award| Aisha by director Asma Bseiso

Feature CompetitionAwards:
- The Jury Award| Jumaa Ibrahim Al-Zaabi and Ahmed Ibrahim Al Zaabi (Going to the Heaven by director Saeed Salmeen)
- The Best Actor Award| Ashraf Barhoum (The Curve by director Rifqi Assaf)
- The Best Actress Award|Menna Shalabi (Nawara by director Hala Khalil)
- The Best Scenario Award| Nawara by director Hala Khalil
- The Best Director Award|Loutfi Bouchouchi (The Well)
- The Best Feature Film Award| 3000 Nights by director Mai Masri
- The Audience Award| will be announced later

The MAFF Development Funding awards:
Feature Film Projects:
- In the Land of Wonder by director Nadine Khan|150.000 SEK offered by the Swedish Film Institute

Documentary Film Projects:
- Chopped by director Karam Ali| 50.000 SEK offered by the Swedish Film Institute

Short Film Projects:
- Wanderings by director Rola Shamas| 30.000 SEK offered by Film iSkåne and $2000 offered by the Notre Dame University International Film Festival

- If Toys Can Speak by director Maria Abdel Karim| $2000 offered by the Notre Dame University International Film Festival

Doc Post Production Platform Awards:
- Off Khartoum Sides| Good Film award
- As I Want| Way Creative award
- Ibrahim| Tonemestrene award
- Tiny Souls| MAD Solutions award
- On the Fence| Lilapost award
- Tiny Souls| Sleeprise Music award
For more information about the awards, please check the following link:

Additional award offered by the Luxor African Film Festival Workshop to participate in a film developing workshop in Luxor in 2017:
- Birds of Paradise film project by director Mohamed Daradji
- Tiny Souls film project by Jordanian director Dina Naser