release date February 08 2018
Tension Turns into Hysterical Laugher in the Teaser Trailer of Kiss Me Not
MAD Solutions has released the teaser trailer of director Ahmed Amer's feature film Kiss Me Not ahead of its release in theaters starting February 28. The teaser trailer reveals the shift of the audience's reactions while watching the film in a special secret screening, from anxiety and tension to hysterical laughter.

The teaser trailer begins with the audience entering a place to watch something that they do not know. After moments of anticipation and conservative reactions from the audience, they begin to laugh while watching the film and its scenes featuring Yasmin Raeis, the protagonist of the film.

Kiss Me Not landed its world premiere within the 14th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) as part of the Arabian Nights programme.

Kiss Me Not follows a young and ambitious Egyptian director who faces issues while shooting a kissing scene in his new film with the leading actress Fajr who decides to pursue a more religious path. Along with Yasmin Raeis, the film co-stars Mohamed Mahran, Salwa Mohamed Ali and Aida Riad with guest stars actress Sawsan Badr, late director Mohamed Khan and director Khairy Beshara. Kiss Me Not is written and directed by Ahmed Amer. The film is produced by Middlewest Films, WIKA for Film Production and Distribution and MAD Solutions, and distributed by MAD Distribution.

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Ahmed Amer started his filmmaking career as an assistant editor in the US working on documentaries and TV content as well as having made a few appearances as an actor in a number of films in New York. Amer also worked as an Arabic script consultant for the film Looking for Umm Kulthum by director Shirin Nashat. His writing credits include the award-winning films Winter of Discontent (2012) by director Ibrahim El Batout, who co-wrote the film with Amer, and Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim (2016) by Sherif El Bendary. Kiss Me Not is his first feature film after many years as a professional screenwriter.