release date January 24 2023
THE WOODMAN gets its first Iraqi screening at French Institute
Koutaiba Al-Janabi’s THE WOODMAN will be screened for the first time in its homeland on Thursday, January 26th at the French Institute in Baghdad. The film’s writer and director Koutaiba Al-Janabi and producer Ali Raheem will be attending the screening.
Previously, the film was screened at several international festivals, including the Arabisches Film Festival in Berlin, International Filmmaker Festival of New York, and Seville Independent Film Festival, where it received the Bronze Award in the Narrative Films Category.
Moreover in the Arab world, it was screened at the Abdul-Hameed Shoman Foundation in Jordan. 
Previously, the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities supported the film. The film project also received the Jury Prize at Cairo Film Connection (CFC) and was funded by the Doha Film Institute.
The plot — which is more of a fantasy — revolves around a human-sized wooden doll that is forced to flee its homeland. Along its journey, it crosses paths with several characters to reveal a true picture from the hearts and minds of all those compelled to flee their homelands.
The film is written, directed, produced, and shot by Koutaiba Al-Janabi, THE WOODMAN stars Hanna Heffner and Mihaly Palko, along with THE WOODMAN. Additionally, Hugh Williams edited the film, Rana Eid managed the sound, and Nadim Mishlawi composed the music. Meanwhile, MAD Solutions is managing the film’s distribution in the Arab world. 
Koutaiba Al-Janabi was born in Baghdad and studied photography and cinematography in Budapest, Hungary. He has worked as a producer and director on several television artworks.
Moreover, he was a cinematographer in several feature films and a director and producer of short films and documentaries, including THE TRAIN, WASTELAND, and THE EVER RESTLESS MAN. He also worked on several feature films, such as LEAVING BAGHDAD, which received multiple accolades, including the First Place Prize at the Dubai International Film Festival and the British Independent Film Award. It was also nominated for a Cinema for Peace Award in Berlin and was just screened in New York's Museum of Modern Art.
Furthermore, Al-Janabi directed the multi-award-winning feature documentary STORIES OF PASSERS THROUGH, which was shot over 30 years and was featured in several prestigious international festivals worldwide.