release date November 15 2018
Synergy Films Presents The Blue Elephant 2
Four years have passed since Dr. Yehia (Karim Abdel Aziz) left the Abbaseya Mental Health Hospital in The Blue Elephant, the film that swept through movie theaters across the Arab world in 2014. The cast and crew came back together for The Blue Elephant 2 that is set to begin shooting this November. The new film is produced by Synergy Films (Tamer Morsi) and will be released in summer 2019.

The Blue Elephant 2 brings together the same cast and crew of the first film, including director Marwan Hamed, screenwriter Ahmed Mourad, and stars Karim Abdelaziz and Nelly Karim, joined in the sequel by superstar Hend Sabry. The new film also features the crew members who contributed to the success of the first film: DOP Ahmad Al Morsy, Editor Ahmed Hafez, Costume Designer Nahed Nasrallah, Music Composer Hesham Nazih and Production Designer Mohamed Attia, along withProducer Ahmad Badawy (Synergy Films). The company will announce the rest of the cast soon. Synergy Films held a celebration before filming begins with the cast and crew of The Blue Elephant 2, and will release a video of the celebration soon.

Getting ready for the shooting, Synergy Films hosted a celebration for the cast and crew of The Blue Elephant 2. The company also released a short video of the cast and crew sharing their thoughts about the new film.

Commenting on this step, Producer Ahmad Badawy says, "Synergy Films has been in the business for 15 years, presenting successful productions that started with exceptional TV dramas. The company has been working on passing on its experience to the film industry by bringing the best talents and techniques to present both commercially and artistically successful films."

The Blue Elephant is one of the highest-grossing Egyptian films in the last 10 years. The film grossed more than EGP 35 million, and 1.2 million tickets sold during the Eid Al Adha season in 2014, achieving wide acclaim.

The Blue Elephant received a rating of 8.6 on IMDb with more than 21,000 votes by users, making it the highest rated Arabic film on IMDb. The film is still one of the most watched films on TV and VOD platforms.

The first film followed Dr. Yehia as he returnd to work in the Abbaseya Mental Health Hospital, after spending five years in voluntary isolation. He works in the sector which examines the mental health of perpetrators where he encounters an old friend who brings back bitter memories that he tried hard to forget, turning his life upside down as a result. Attempting to unravel the mysteries of his friend, Yehia embarks on a journey exploring his inner self, or the shattered remnants of it.

Director Marwan Hamed adapted writer Ahmed Mourad's best-selling book The Blue Elephant that was released in 2012. The novel was shortlisted for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) in 2014.