Soudade Kaadan’s Syrian drama NEZOUH set to release commercially in Egypt this August

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Soudade Kaadan’s Syrian drama NEZOUH set to release commercially in Egypt this August

After a successful world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival — where it snagged an Orizzonti Extra Audience Award, as well as the Lanterna Magica Award from the Cinecircoli Giovanili Socioculturali — Soudade Kaadan’s Syrian drama NEZOUH is scheduled to release commercially in Egypt on Wednesday, August 30th.
More specifically, the film is set to initially release at Cairo's Zawya Cinema, Americana Plaza Sheikh Zayed, and Sea Cinema Arabella before hitting theaters across the country a few days later. 
NEZOUH is expected to screen throughout the day in Americana Plaza Sheikh Zayed and Sea Cinema Arabella, while showtimes at Zawya will be as follows:

  • Wednesday, August 30th at 4 pm

  • Thursday, August 31st at 7 pm

  • Friday, September 1st at 12:30 pm

  • Saturday, September 2nd at 10:15 pm

  • Sunday, September 3rd at 7 pm

  • Monday, September 4th at 4 pm

  • Tuesday, September 5th at 10:15 pm

You can watch the film’s trailer here: 
NEZOUH takes place during the Syrian conflict, where a missile destroys the ceiling of the house of 14-year-old Zeina. As a result, she sleeps for the first time under the stars and makes friends with Amer — the boy next door. 
When the violence escalates, Hala — Zeina's mother — decides to leave. She then gets into an argument with her husband, Motaz, who refuses to become a refugee and tries everything to stop his family from leaving their house.
Written and directed by Soudade Kaadan — who also co-produced it with Yu-Fai Suen — the film stars renowned Syrian actress Kinda Alloush, Samir Al-Masri, Hala Zein, and Nizar Alani and is produced by Berkeley Media Group Limited, KAF Production, and Agat Films & Cie, with worldwide distribution rights going to MK2 Films and Arab world sales handled by MAD Solutions, who will be exclusively publishing the film’s new trailer and poster.
NEZOUH was featured in over 20 international film festivals, including the Busan, São Paulo, Tokyo, India, Singapore, Fribourg, Arab Women Artists Now - AWAN, Tournai Ramdam, Tetouan, Cinemamed, Tromsø, and Qisah film festivals.
It also featured at Mostra de València – Cinema Del Mediterrani, Girls on Film Awards, Madrid Films by Women, the Official Competition of the International Film Festival of India, and the Panorama of North African and Middle Eastern Films.
So far, the film has several impressive achievements under its belt, including winning the Amnesty International Award at the MedFilm Festival in Morocco and being nominated for Best Film at the BFI London Film Festival along with Best Effects and Best Lead Performance for Hala Zein at the British Independent Film Awards.
Additionally, it was supported by Torino Film Lab, the Doha Film Institute, and the British Film Institute when it was still in its project phase before going on to receive a Post-Production Award at the Cairo International Film Festival’s Cairo Film Connection, the Baumi Award for script development from the Berlinale, the ARTE at the Cannes Film Festival, and the Sorfond Award as part of Cinéfondation’s workshop.