release date January 08 2020
Seven Films Distributed by MAD Solutions Screen at Cine Brasilia within The Egyptian Contemporary Cinema Section
Seven films distributed by MAD Solutions will be screened at Cine Brasília in Brazil as part of the 2nd edition of The Egyptian Contemporary Cinema (January 9-12). The films are: The Factory Girl and Before the Summer Crowds by Mohamed Khan, Diamond Dust by Marwan Hamed, Kiss Me Not by Ahmed Amer, Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim by Sherif El Bendary, The Giraffe by Ahmed Magdy, and Les Petits Chats by Sherif Nakhla.

The Egyptian Contemporary Cinema section is dedicated to screening Egyptian films at Cine Brasília, a cinema and entertainment venue for cultural events located in the Brazilian capital. The opening film will be screened on January 9 at 08:00 PM, and the following days will feature two screenings per day; at 06:00 PM and 08:00 PM. The first edition of the Egyptian Contemporary Cinema, which was held in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in 2017, was dedicated to films by the late director Mohamed Khan.

About Factory Girl:
The film tells the story of Hiyam, a young factory worker, who lives in a lower-middle-class neighborhood, along with her co-workers. She is clearly under the spell of Salah, the factory's new supervisor, who has expressed his admiration for her. She believes love can transcend the class differences between them. However, when a pregnancy test is discovered in the factory premises, her immediate family and close friends accuse her of sinning. Hiyam decides not to defend herself and pays an enormous price in a society that fails to accept independent women. Factory Girl examines the changes that take place in her life over the four seasons of the year. From falling in love to facing heartbreak, her life comes around full circle by the end of the year.

Directed by the late director Mohamed Khan and written by Wessam Soliman, Factory Girl stars Yasmin Raeis, Hany Adel, Salwa Khattab, Salwa Mohamed Ali and Ibtihal El Serety. MAD Solutions handles the film's distribution in the Arab world and worldwide.

About Before the Summers Crowds:
Set in a seaside resort, the film tracks a group of people who meet each other by the beginning of summer season.
Directed by Mohamed Khan and co-written by Ghada Shahbandar and Nura El Sheikh, who also participated in the screenwriting. The film stars Maged El Kedwany, Hana Shiha, Ahmed Dawood, Lana Mushtaq and Hany El Metennawy. MAD Solutions handles the film's distribution in the Arab world as well as its international distribution.

About Diamond Dust:
The film follows Taha, a pharmacist who leads a boring life with his chairbound father. When a mysterious murder occurs, Taha’s entire world collapses permanently.
Diamond Dust is the third collaboration between director Marwan Hamed and writer Ahmed Mourad. The film stars Asser Yassin, Menna Shalaby, Maged El Kedwany, Shereen Reda, Eyad Nassar, and Mohamed Mamdouh. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution in the Arab world.

About Kiss Me Not:
The film follows a young and ambitious Egyptian director who faces issues while shooting a kissing scene in his new film with the leading actress who decides to pursue a more religious path. Written and directed by Ahmed Amer, Kiss Me Not stars Yasmin Raeis, Mohamed Mahran, Salwa Mohamed Ali and Aida Riad with guest stars actress Sawsan Badr, late director Mohamed Khan and director Khairy Beshara as themselves. MAD Solutions distributes the film worldwide.

About Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim:
The film follows a strange love story of a young man living in a rough neighborhood. He travels across Egypt on the recommendation of a psychic along with Ibrahim who is almost driven mad by the voices he hears in his head. Their journey turns into a voyage of friendship and self-discovery.

Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim stars Ali Sobhi, Ahmed Magdy, Salwa Mohamed Ali and Nahed El Sebai. Directed by Sherif El Bendary, Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim is written by Ahmed Amer and based on Ibrahim El Batout's story. The film's distribution in the Arab world is jointly handled by MAD Solutions and Film Clinic-Indie Distribution (FCID), while its worldwide distribution is handled by the French sales agent Loco Films.

About The Giraffe:
Through the streets of the city that are void of all but its ghosts, Ahmed is lost and depleted of faith. Tonight, he must save a girl he doesn't know who is in a lot of trouble. He finds himself involved with an eccentric group of young people lead by an enigmatic girl who is trying to uncover the mystery behind the Giraffe hidden at the zoo.
Written and directed by Ahmed Magdy, The Giraffe stars Amr Hosny, Shaza Moharam, Haydi Koussa, Salma Hassan, Rasha Magdy, Mohammed El Badawy, and Osama Gawish. The film is distributed worldwide by MAD Solutions.

About Les Petits Chats:
Directed and produced by Sherif Nakhla, the film is named after the legendary band Les Petits Chats of the cherished era of the 60s and 70s. The six members, who are now major celebrities and musicians, are reunited to perform one last time in a night to remember in spring 2010. Les Petits Chats film is an insight into the lives of the former band-mates during their glory days that answers the questions evoked within each one of them by tracking their present lives and life choices since their breakup in the 80s.

The film showcases interviews with major celebrities and cinema stars at that time and nowadays, including: Ezzat Abu Oaf, Omar Khairat, Sobhy Bedeir, Samir Sabri and Mohamed Salmawy. Les Petits Chats is distributed by MAD Solutions in the Arab world.