release date July 19 2017
Screenwriter Mohamed Hefzy Begins "The Art of Screenwriting" Workshop
Yesterday, Screenwriter Mohamed Hefzy began the very first lecture of "The Art of Screenwriting" workshop that has been launched by Film Clinic last week, in collaboration with the Arab Film Institute and the Egyptian Cinema Syndicate, who have offered free invitations to some of the applicants. The workshop is being held at the AUC Greek Campus from 4:00 to 9:00 pm with a total number of 90 participants.

The workshop consists of two phases, the first is an introduction to professional screenwriting (Feature - Television - Documentary - Advertising), introduction to plot structure, the three-act structure and how to write scenes, while the second phase, which takes a maximum period of three months, starts after Hefzy chooses the best five screenplays to develop together with their screenwriters.

This year, Mohamed Hefzy presented a seminar on screenwriting and a workshop on creative producing at the 1st Kuwait Film Festival (KFF). Through his company Film Clinic, he cooperated with American producer Nicolas Gonda (Voyage of Time - The Tree of Life) in delivering the Creative Production and Alternative Distribution workshop to encourage the emergence of talented Egyptian producers and support diversity in the Egyptian film industry.

Mohamed Hefzy studied Metallurgical Engineering in London. As a screenwriter, Hefzy presented a collection of remarkable films to the Egyptian film industry such as El Selem Wi El Teeban (Snakes And Ladders), Tito, Malaki Eskenderia (Private Alexandria), El Tourbini, 45 Youm (45 Days), Aswar Al Aamar (Walls of the Moon) and Warda. In 2005, he founded his production house Film Clinic, through which he produced and co-produced many films including Hepta: The Last Lecture, Clash, Ali, The Goat and Ibrahim, Withered Green, Excuse My French, Villa 69, Rags and Tatters and My Brother The Devil.