release date October 29 2016
Screening Times of MAD Solutions Films at Carthage Film Festival
Six feature films and documentaries distributed by MAD Solutions will be competing in the 27th round of the Carthage Film Festival (27 October - 5 November); four of which will take part in the Official Feature Competition, including Clash, 3000 Nights, Al Madina, and Starve Your Dog; while the other two films participate in the Debut Project Official Competition, and they are: Barakah Meets Barakah and The Curve.

First established in 1966, the Carthage Film Festival is the longest-standing film festival in the Arab world and Africa. The festival was hosted every two years until it became an annual event ever since its edition in 2014. Since it was first created, the prestigious Carthage Film Festival is always devoted to screening remarkable Arab and international films, with recognition to their filmmakers. This year, the 27th round will commemorate the festival's 50th anniversary.

Screening Times for MAD Solutions Films at Carthage Film Festival (Tunis Time, GMT+1)

3000 Nights:
Wednesday, 2 November - 9:00 pm at LE COLISÉE
Thursday, 3 November - 4:30 pm at Ibn Rachiq
Friday, 4 November - 4:30 at Amilcar El manar

Sunday, 30 October - 6:00 pm at LE COLISÉE
Monday, 31 October - 4:30 pm at ABC
Friday, 4 November - 11:00 pm at CinéMadart

Al Madina:
Monday, 31 October - 3:00 pm at LE COLISÉE
Tuesday, 1 November - 2:00 pm at ABC
Wednesday, 2 November - 9:00 pm at CinéMadart

Starve Your Dog:
Thursday, 3 November - 3:00 pm at LE COLISÉE
Friday, 4 November - 8:30 pm at ABC
Saturday, 5 November - 4:30 pm at Le Palace

Barakah Meets Barakah
Monday, 31 October - 5:00 pm at LE RIO
Tuesday, 1 November - 4:30 pm at Ibn Rachiq
Wednesday, 2 November - 10:00 am at Les JCC aux prisons
Friday, 4 November - 1:00 pm at Université de La Manouba

The Curve:
Tuesday, 1 November - 5:00 pm at LE RIO
Wednesday, 2 November - 8:30 pm at Ibn Rachiq
Thursday, 3 November - 4:00 pm at Cinévog