release date July 20 2022
SOULA Screens at Amman International Film Festival on June 21 & 26
Feature film SOULA, by Salah Issaad, will screen at the 3rd edition of Amman International Film Festival-Awal Film (July 20-27). The screenings will be on Thursday, July 21 at 10:00 PM (GMT +3) at Taj Cinema 6 and on Tuesday, July 26, at 10:00 PM at Royal Film Commission-Jordan.  
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1st Screening:
2nd Screening:
SOULA is the story of a single mother whose father expelled her, leaving her homeless with her baby. Soula finds herself going from one car to another with other people while looking for a safe location to stay the night. Throughout a night full of unfortunate events along the roads of Algeria, Soula tries her best to change her destiny, but fate has another saying.
Written, directed, and produced by Salah Issaad, SOULA is co-written by Soula Bahri, whose life story inspired the director to turn it into a film and let Soula play the lead role. The film is produced by Issaad Film Productions (the three brothers Taqi Eldin, Abdelghafour, and Salah Issaad). The film starring Soula Bahri, Idir Benaibouche, and Franck Yvrai. MAD Solutions manages the film’s marketing and distribution in the Arab world.