release date April 26 2014
Release of the Decor Teaser Poster and Website
New Century Production completed shooting its film Decor last week, and began the editing phase of the film's production. Decor is directed by Ahmad Abdalla, and filmed entirely in black and white. New Century also revealed, for the very first time, details of this film's unusual story line.

To be distributed by Dollar Film, Decor tells the story of Sherif (Khaled Abol Naga) and Mustafa (Maged El Kedwany), each of whom represents a world pulling Maha (Horeya Farghaly), who has always been passionate about film and who, as a set designer, has become an expert at creating imaginary worlds. Under immense pressure at work, Maha sights another life on the horizon and begins slipping between realities-one resembling the film set she's designed and the other her supposed real life. As Maha grows ever more entangled in each, the border between the real and imagined becomes blurred. Maha walks a fine line between her parallel lives, and must decide for the first time what she truly desires.

New Century also released Decor's teaser poster, which carries the line "To each his own world", a key phrase to understanding the film's story, which takes place in two separate worlds. This duality is reflected in the teaser poster's unconventional design, which visually highlights the interwoven contradictions between a seemingly stable and tangible world, and another that is ambiguous and unpredictable. This visual instability invites exploration of these inherent contradictions.

In addition to this teaser poster, New Century also launched the teaser website for Decor, as well as new photographs of the film's stars.

In keeping with New Century's commitment to engaging new and fresh talents in film production, Sherin Diab marks her screenwriting debut with Decor. Sherin co-wrote Decor with her brother Mohamed Diab, whose screenwriting debut Ahlam Haqiqiya (Real Dreams) was produced by New Century. Mohamed Diab went on to write and direct the 2010 New Century production Cairo 678.