release date November 15 2020
Received an award from the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival And was officially selected at festivals in Italy, the Netherlands and Mexico
Announced in September this fall season at a private screening at Vox Cinema Nation Towers, the short film Athel is an Award Winner at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival in India, qualifying to compete for the prestigious Golden Fox Awards at the annual live screening gala of CICFF in the City of Joy, which will be held in January 2021.

Furthermore, continuing its journey at other film festivals around the world, the film was Officially Selected at Corto Creativo Short Film Festival in Tijuana, Mexico, Rome Independent Prisma Awards in Italy, and at Amsterdam Lift-Off Film Festival in Netherlands, a popular festival set in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, showcasing filmmakers’ talents with a week-long celebration on an extensive audience choice awards platform.

Worth noting are the previously won awards like Outstanding Achievement certificate at the Berlin Flash Film Festival in Germany and the Gold Remi Award at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival in USA, as well as Officially Selected at the Madrid International Film Festival in Spain, the VIFF Vienna Independent Film Festival - Austria, Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival in Canada, as Finalist at the ARFF Amsterdam 2020 International Awards, Netherlands and Finalist & nominated for the Viewers’ Choice Award at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival, Canada.

A fantasy film distributed by Mad Solutions, the idea began with reminiscing the Arabic poetry and the mysterious desert, and with that in mind, an old story was taken to newer places.

Produced by Toaster Productions & Anasy Media and directed by Alyazia Bint Nahyan. The film is starring the well-known Egyptian actress Hala Shiha and Emirati artist Mansour Alfeeli. Taking part also are the upcoming actors Ahmed Al Hoseni and Haydar Al Lami, produced by Afra Almarar and Hayfa Al Haidary and filmed by Alessando Martella.

The film deals with a new style and subtraction in a light witty drama template, about the story of the famous pre-Islamic poet Tarfa Bin Al-Abd or the “murdered boy” as it became known throughout history, a poet killed at the height of his glory and bewildered many thinkers and intellectuals in relation to his fate.

The film revolves around Salma, a widely known presenter, who is filming a poetry show about Tarfa, the pre-Islamic poet. With a sand storm disrupting the episode shoot and Salma’s son being lost for days, the presenter remains calm. Perhaps too calm, her mind distantly quiet, the loud crew then drives off forgetting her at the location. On her phone, busy talking, Salma is walking and something far from reality is about to occur. Will it concern the subject of the show? Will the strange encounter amend the misapprehension?

History & Background:

Tarafah Ibn Al Abd
A pre-Islamic poet, author of the longest of the seven odes in the much celebrated collection of pre-Islamic poetry Al Muallaqat (the suspended poems). Despite his young age, he was able to excel over great poets. Life hasn’t granted him but twenty six years that were eventful and troublesome. His life was full of pleasures, adventures and revels, but on the other hand, he suffered from poverty and deprivation in his early life. Moreover, he suffered injustice from his family and closest relatives and friends. He was solitary and an outcast and deep inside he felt extreme desolation, spatially, temporarily, psychologically and socially. He secluded himself and created an inner world reflected in writing great poems that were so eloquent and well-structured that masters of language and style recognized and hanged them up inside the Kaaba. His poetry was rich in wisdom, pride, flirt and satire.
Tarafah was rebellious, audacious, strong, benevolent, honest, brave and adventurous, one of the Arab stars of poetry in the pre-Islamic era of the first class of poets. Born in the historic territory of Bahrain, one of the most important poets of the famous pendants in the history of ancient Arabic literature.

Emirati actor Mansoor Alfeeli started his career in the theatre in 1978. He later turned to television, radio and cinema, working on various projects, latest one is the hit film Shabab Sheyab.

Hala Shiha is an Egyptian actress best known for portraying the main roles in The Ladder and Snake and Lost in America. The much admired and widely known actress return to cinema was well received by audiences and industry figures alike.