release date November 25 2013
Rags and Tatters Display Extended for another Week
Al Arabia Cinema decided to extend displaying Rags and Tatters film in theatres for a second week. This is in response to the great success the film achieved since its release only last week. The film, which is produced by Film Clinic Production Company, in co-production with Mashrou' and distributed by MAD Solutions Company, was released in theatres on 20th November and was planned to be displayed only for one week.

Rags and Tatters became a blockbuster with 100 thousand Egyptian pounds, considering that it was only released for five days in only seven theatres. This is considered as a record putting in mind the advertising promotion campaign the film had and the special nature of the film itself.

The film unfolds a new experience in Egyptian cinema as the story builds up with minimal dialogue between the characters based on visual narration within a balanced equation of documentation and narration. "The Success of Rags and Tatters confirms the readiness of the Egyptian film market for accepting different genres of films; our goal is to always support Egyptian films in every way, especially those films planned to be showcased in a different way convenient to the market ongoing conditions," said Isaad Younis, Co-founder and CEO of Al Arabia Cinema.

According to Film Clinic statistics, Rags and Tatters achieved high revenue since its first week; especially after selling the film's rights to Arab and international various media outlets and its distinct participations in different international film festivals. "The film's huge revenue earnings mark its big success, especially after selling all its display rights. It will soon be screened on one of the paid cable channels, thus Rags and Tatters has already covered its production budget and now we are in the phase of making profits," said Mohamed Hefzy, founder of Film Clinic. Commenting on Al Arabia Cinema's decision of displaying the film for one more week, Hefzy said "this confirms the understanding of Al Arabia Cinema about the importance of giving the chance to different Egyptian films that can prove their success by achieving high revenues and satisfying its audience".

A few weeks ago Rags and Tatters won the Golden Antigone prize for the Best Narrative Feature at the 35th Cinemed International Mediterranean Festival of Montpellier in France. The prize is of €15,000 awarded by the district of Montpellier and a promotional campaign awarded by CINÉ+ for the release of the film, in addition to €2,500 in technical services awarded by Titra Film to the distributor.

MAD Solutions, the company responsible for the film's distribution, put the one week display plan in addition to the advertising campaign plan. "the one week display experience achieved many major goals; that in addition to the high revenues the film achieved in only seven theaters, its success made film theatres believe that a good promotional plan for any film can guarantee its success, and this will encourage them to support other similar movies," said MAD Solutions Co-founder and film Analyst Alaa Karkouti.

Rags and Tatters is Director Ahmed Abdallah's third directorial attempt following Heliopolis and Microphone. The film stars Asser Yassin who plays the leading role of the fugitive inmate who moves in a number of poor alienated Egyptian districts, following the incidents that took place on January 28th, 2011, when police forces were withdrawn from the streets and chaos prevailed.

Shot on real locations in Mansheyet Nasser and Old Cairo, the film also stars Amr Abed, Mohamed Mamdouh, Seif Al Aswani, Yara Gobran and Latifa Fahmi.

Rags and Tatters is produced by Mohamed Hefzy's Film Clinic in co-production with Mashrou', Ahmed Abdallah's new production house formed with Asser Yassin, and Producer and Writer Amr Shama, Scriptwriter of After the Battle film.

Simultaneously, the film took part at the Narrative Features Competition within the 7th Abu Dhabi Film Festival, and participated in the BFI London Film Festival, making it the only Arab film competing in the official competition this year. Rags and Tatters had its world premiere in the Toronto International Film Festival, in Canada, in September 2013.

It is decided to extend Rags and Tatters display in Egyptian theatres in : Bandar in Maadi, Nile City in Corniche El Nil Down Town, Wonderland in Nasr City, Renaissance in 6 October, Alexandria | San Stefano, City Center Carrefour.