release date February 18 2019
Only Men Go to the Grave Closes the Arabiyat Program at the Cinemathequede Tanger in Morocco
Only Men Go to the Grave closes the events of the Arabiyat Program that is organized by the Cinémathèque de Tanger in Morocco (March 2018 - February 2019). The film screens on Friday, 22nd of February with the attendance of the film's director Abdulla Al Kaabi. MAD Solutions is distributing the film across the Arab world.

Most recently, Only Men Go to the Grave took part in a number of international film festivals including; Sudan Independent Film Festival (SIFF), Silk Road International Film Festival (SRIFF) in Ireland, Casablanca Arab FilmFestival, and Arab Film Festival in Korea.

The Cinémathèque de Tanger is a center for the preservation and dissemination of cinema in Tangier, Morocco. Founded in 2007, the association aims to value the audiovisual heritage and the Moroccan film production through the collection of documentary films, experimental and the establishment of a database of archives to preserve and maintain a collective cinema memory.

Set in 1988, a blind mother welcomes her estranged daughters to tell them a secret. Unfortunately, she accidentally dies while sharing it. During the funeral, the daughters try to deal with their mother's sudden death and also work together to unveil her secret by looking for clues from visitors. Throughout the funeral, their own lives continue to unravel, giving room for buried family tensions to gradually surface, while struggling to deal with their own secrets and deep-rooted guilt. The arrival of an unfamiliar guest rocks the entire foundation of their family. How do they deal with the aftermath?

Written and directed by Abdulla Al Kaabi as his debut feature film, Only Men Go to the Grave stars SaleemaYaqoub, Heba Sabah and AbdelrezaNasari. MAD Solutions is handling the film's distribution in the Arab world.

Only Men Go to the Grave competed in the Official Competition of the Oran International Arabic Film Festival in Algeria. It also won the Best Muhr Feature Award at the 2016 Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF). Screen International described the film as it "tackles taboo issues in Arab society".

Abdulla Al Kaabi is an Emirati filmmaker who started his career as a lead Presenter on Dubai TV in 2004 for four years when he was still a college student, which gave him valuable hands-on experience in production. In 2009, Al Kaabi moved to Paris to pursue a Master's Degree in Filmmaking at the EcoleInternationale de Creation Audiovisuelleet de Realisation (EICAR). Following his Master's Degree, Al Kaabi directed his first award-winning short film The Philosopher (2011) with famed French actor Jean Reno. In 2014, his second short Koshk won two awards at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.