release date September 20 2016
Odeh Films Announces the Initiation of Area C Mobile Cinema
Odeh Films Productions is thrilled to announce its initiation of Mobile Cinema of Area C of the Jordan Valley. This area is a much isolated and marginalized territory within the Palestinian territories. The geographical isolation of the Area C of the Jordan valley inevitably leads to its social and cultural isolation from the rest of the country. This is all besides all of the impoverishment and forced displacement the area is constantly suffering from.

The project of Area C Mobile Cinema attempts to protest the educational and cultural isolation that exists in the Area. The mobile cinema will drive through its mapped out route for 10 days.

Each day it will target one town/area, and screen two different films in that targeted area. In total, the mobile cinema will visit ten different locations, screening over ten different films. An integral part of this project is providing a relevant artist (the actor, writer, director of the screened film) after the screening in order to hold a Q&A session that will respond to the thoughts and inputs of the viewers.

The environment of education that is offered for the younger generations of Area C of the Jordan Valley is not providing a healthy foundation for the youth to grow and innovate. Most importantly, Area C of the Jordan Valley does not enjoy the basic service of electricity. The deprivation from such basic service only deepens and magnifies the forced isolation the area is severely suffering from.

Therefore, the project aims to reach the heart of the area C surrounding the Jordan Valley, screen films to its localities, and hold discussions about the issues raised in the films with the presence of prominent Palestinian filmmakers. Odeh Films is thrilled to expose the excluded communities of the Jordan Valley to the Palestinian and Arab film productions and create a cultural base at these communities.

Area C Mobile Cinema will stimulate and offer a solid platform of arts and culture in Area C of the Jordan Valley. This mobile cinema hopes to grant cultural and educational rights to the youth spreading cinematic lights as it is driving through the Jordan valley.