release date May 22 2015
Ocean Films Distributions Releases Factory Girl in French Cinemas
MAD Solutions has announced that Factory Girl will be released in French cinemas by the French distribution company, Ocean Films Distribution. According to the deal struck between both companies, Egyptian director Mohamed Khan's film will be released in France during the last quarter of 2015, following its successful release in 19 Swedish cities last month.

The deal was made during the second edition of the Arabic Cinema Center (ACC) organized by MAD Solutions in the Film Market at the Cannes Film Festival. Commenting on the deal, Alaa Karkouti, CEO of MAD Solutions, said, "The French market is still the most important European window for Arab films. That is why we're planning to organize a premiere screening for Factory Girl, which will be attended by the film's director, Mohamed Khan, and its star, Yasmin Raes. The collaboration with Ocean Films Distribution is very beneficial, not only to our company, but also to the Arab film industry as a whole. This is the goal we're always working toward; to open new windows for Arab cinema and to expand the pre-existing opportunities as well."

Karkouti pointed out the previous success of Egyptian film, 678, in French cinemas in 2012. The film was screened for 33 consecutive weeks and drew in over 200 thousand audiences. It gained almost two million Euros at the box office, twice what it made at the Egyptian box office (after currency exchange). "There are previous success stories for Arab films in French cinemas, and their success did not depend on Arab audiences alone. The plots and cinematic narratives are the determinable factors in deciding which film can actually succeed internationally. I think that Factory Girl's plot is exactly like that," says Karkouti.

"Ocean Films is proud to release in French theaters the astounding Mohamed Khan feature film, which stands in defense of woman in modern Egypt. We are glad to begin a new partnership with MAD Solutions too. Finally, we would also like thank Isis Plantier, who told us a lot of good things about Factory Girl." Ocean Films Representatives announced.

Acclaimed director Mohamed Khan helmed the Factory Girl film project, which is based on the script by Wessam Soliman. The film stars Yasmin Raeis, Hany Adel, Salwa Khattab, Salwa Mohamed Ali and Ebtehal El Seret, along with a group of newcomers.

The film was produced by DayDream Art Production, founded by director and producer Mohamed Samir, and distributed in the Arab world by MAD Solutions, which is also responsible for the film's international distribution.

In the film, Yasmin Raeis plays the role of Hayam, a 21 year old girl working at a clothes factory alongside several other girls from her poor stricken district. Hayam goes through an emotional experience as she falls in love, not knowing that she stands alone against a society that fears love and buries its head in its cruel and out-dated traditions.

Factory Girl was released in Sweden on Friday, 24 April in 19 cities. It was presented by Arab Cinema in Sweden (ACIS) at the Malmo Arab Film Festival, marking its first commercial screening outside the Arab world.

The film was released in Egyptian cinemas on 19 March 2014, followed by the UAE on the very next day. It was also commercially released in Lebanon and Ramallah city in Palestine, as well as three other Arab countries. The film made over 1.6 million Egyptian pounds and was screened for more than 19 consecutive weeks.

Factory Girl was nominated to represent Egyptian cinema at the 87th Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Film category. In addition to six awards won by Yasmin Raeis, the film won 13 international awards and certificates of merit, beginning with the Dubai International Film Festival in December 2013. The film's international premiere was held as part of the Muhr Competition for Feature Fiction and Non-fiction, where the film won the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI) for Arab Feature Films award. Moreover, the film was awarded a special certificate of merit at the MedFilm Festival in Rome in July 2014 and it was the first film to be screened during the festival's opening ceremony.