release date June 17 2012
Nostalgia a Finalist in Producers Guild of America ProShow Competition
Nostalgia (working title), the first feature film by Jordanian filmmaker Zaid Abu Hamdan, was chosen among the ten finalists of the Third Annual PGA Producers Showcase (ProShow) which is organised by the Producers Guild of America, where it is competing with film projects from the USA, Canada, Australia and Korea making it the only Arabic film vying for the top prize.

The PGA Producers Showcase competition run in conjunction with the Produced By Conference (PBC) in Los Angeles, California in the US, in attendance in this year's PBC are some of Hollywood's most prolific producers including Christopher Nolan, producer and director of Inception and the recentBatman trilogy and Brian Grazer producer of A Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13, amongst others.

ProShow gives a unique chance to foreign and domestic independent producers the chance to realise their vision. The ten finalists get a free admission to PBC where they participate in one-on-one meetings with some of Hollywood's top financiers, studios and production companies.

Nostalgia is the story of four estranged sisters leading different lives, after running away from their oppressive past for years, they have to join forces to find their father who has suddenly gone missing.

Zaid Abu Hamdan's last work was the Academy Award eligible short Bahiya & Mahmoud, The film tells the story of an aging married couple who have fallen into a reliable routine of bickering and making one another miserable until the morning that Mahmoud wakes and finds his wife Bahiya gone. Bahiya & Mahmoud won the Best of Festival award in the Palm Springs International Shortfest, it also took part in numerous Arab and international festivals including Dubai International Film Festival, Doha Tribeca Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival and Arab Film Festival in San Francisco where it won the award for Outstanding Short.