release date December 07 2014
New Century Production Launches the Official Trailer and two Stills from Out of the Ordinary
New Century Production has launched the official trailer of Daoud Abdel Sayed's Out of the Ordinary and revealed 2 stills from the new film. This comes right before the film's World Premiere at the 11th Dubai International Film Festival, which will run through December 10-17, 2014.

Out of the Ordinary will be competing against 16 films at the Muhr Arab Competition for Short Films, Features and Documentaries. The film will have two screenings: on Sunday, December 14th and Monday, December 15th, 2014.

Featuring unprecedented elements in the Egyptian and Arab cinema, Out of the Ordinary follows Yehia who takes a forced vacation from his work and regular life when his scientific investigation of the paranormal yields naught. Wandering without aim, he settles in a seaside pension inhabited by a clan of quirky characters. As he grows intimate with the pension owner and close to her charismatic young daughter, Yehia believes he's stumbled across the magic he had so long sought. Something out of the ordinary seems to exist within them all, and perhaps also within himself.

In one of the two stills, appears Mariam the young acting prodigy who plays Farida, while the other still features characters from the film dining by candle lights.

Distributed by Dollar Film, Out of the Ordinary is written and directed by Daoud Abdel Sayed. The film stars Khaled Abol Naga, marking his second collaboration with Abdel Sayed after Mowaten we Mokhber we Haramy (2001), Naglaa Badr, Mahmoud El Gendy, Abbas Abul Hassan, Hassan Kami, and Ahmed Kamal. Continuing to play a verve key role in Abdel Sayed's features, the musical score is composed by great Egyptian composer Rageh Daoud.