release date March 26 2013
New Century Collects Six Awards at Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival
The 39th Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival announced that two Films by New Century (Dollar Film); Snapshot and After the Battle, won six awards.

Snapshot reaped three awards namely: Best Cinematographer for Abdel Salam Moussa, Best Music forHany Adel and Best Movie Poster for designer Youssef Adel from Cover Media Company.

On the other hand, After the Battle by director Youssri Nasrallah received three awards; Best Actress in Supporting Role Nahed Al Sebai, Best Decoration Mohamed Ateya and the Special Jury Prize that went toNew Century (Dollar Film) honoring the company's achievements in the film.

Snapshot is a police thriller written by Amr Salama, stars Eyad Nassar, Dorra, Horria Farghali, and Ahmed Fahmy and directed by Karim Al Adl. The film tells the story of a photographer, who witnesses a murder under mysterious conditions, thinking it was a dream at first; he soon realizes it actually occurred, raising his suspicions about everyone around him.

The film received five awards at the Catholic Center Cinema Festival namely: Best Music, Best Decoration,Creative Certificate to Cinematographer & Sound Engineer, Moreover the Special Jury award was given to director Karim Al Adl.

After the battle, the first film about the first year of the Egyptian revolution, the film takes place during the period after the Battle of Camels until the Maspero Demonstrations in October 2011. The story is about Reem, a young political activist who goes on a field research that leads her to deal with many people. She meetsMahmoud, an Egyptian who lost his job due to the circumstances of the revolution, and decided to contribute in attacking protestors in tahrir square during the Battle of the Camels, and Reem sympathizes with him in the end.

After the Battle is co-written by Omar Shama and Youssri Nasrallah, stars Menna Shalabi, Bassem Samra,Nahed Al Sebai, and Fedra Al Masri. The film has widely participated in international film festivals includingMons International Love Film Festival that was held in Belgium where the film received the festival's special prize. After the Battle also participated in the official competition of Cannes International Film Festival to be the first Egyptian participating film after fifteen years of absence. Similarly the film was in the official competition of the 24th Carthage Film Festival.