release date January 20 2014
New Century Begins 2014 with Daoud Abdel Sayed's Supernatural Powers
Dollar Film (New Century) production house starts 2014 with shooting the first of its productions this year, Supernatural Powers. The film is a comeback for the acclaimed director Daoud Abdel Sayed after three years since he last directed Messages from the Sea.

Written and directed by Daoud Abdel Sayed, Supernatural Powers stars Khaled Abol Naga in his second cooperation with the veteran director after A Citizen, a Detective and a Thief film in 2001, Nagla Badr, marking her first collaboration with Daoud Abdel Sayed, Abbas Abu El-Hassan, Hasan Kami, and Ahmed Kamal, who most collaborated with Daoud Abdel Sayed as he participated in many of his films including Messages from the Sea (2010), A Citizen, a Detective and a Theif (2001) and Kit Kat (1991).

Supernatural Powers follows a new and untraditional story that hasn't been introduced before in the Egyptian or Arab cinema. Ahmed Badawy, New Century's General Manager, announced that details of the story will be revealed only after the wrapping of shooting. He commented, "The company seeks to improve the Egyptian film industry by producing different and distinct films such as Supernatural Powers that is directed by Daoud Abdel Sayed, one of the most prolific Egyptian and Arab directors. Producing this film is part of our plan to contribute to the introduction of special and unique films with the cooperation of great and talented Egyptian filmmakers."

The production company created a special page on Facebook carrying the name of the film "Supernatural Powers" that will follow up the film in all its phases.

Three films by great director Daoud Abdel Sayed were chosen among the 10th Dubai International Film Festival's list of the 100 Most Important Arab Films, namely; Kit Kat (1991), Land of Fear (1999), and Messages from the Sea (2010).

Daoud Abdel Sayed starts shooting Supernatural Powers simultaneously with his film Décor, which has already started shooting in December 2013. Written by Mohamed Diab, Décor stars Horeya Farghaly, Khaled Abol Naga, and Maged El Kedwany.