release date July 26 2023
Netflix releases 4 films from MAD Solutions’ distribution slate
This July, Netflix — the world’s most successful streaming platform — has made an additional four films from MAD Solutions’ distribution slate available for streaming for everyone’s viewing pleasure.
This latest batch of MAD films includes Rachid Hami’s FOR MY COUNTRY (POUR LA FRANCE), which released on July 4th; Youssef Chebbi and Ismael’s BLACK MEDUSA (MA TASMA'A KAN AL REEH) on July 11th; Roschdy Zem’s OUR TIES (LES MIENS) on July 18th, and Mehdi Hmili’s STREAMS (ATYAF) on July 25th. 
The films are currently being streamed with both Arabic and English subtitles, as well as subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing. 
FOR MY COUNTRY is a drama that tells the story of an Algerian-born young officer named Aissa who tragically dies during a freshman initiation ritual at the elite French military institution of Saint-Cyr. 
Controversy arises over Aissa's funeral plans as his death rips through his family and the army refuses to take responsibility. It falls to Ismael — the older and more rebellious brother — to keep the family together while they seek justice for Aissa.
FOR MY COUNTRY kicked off its journey by premiering worldwide at the Venice International Film Festival, where it went on to snag the Venice Horizons Award nomination for Best Film, the film was also nominated for the Bronze Horse Award for Best Film at the Stockholm International Film Festival, and received the Audience Award at Rendez-Vous with French Cinema Film Festival. Additionally, Karim Leklou, the film’s lead actor, also went on to receive the Best Actor Award at Sarlat International Cinema Festival.
The film was directed by Rachid Hami and co-written alongside Ollivier Pourriol, and stars Hugo Becker, Karim Leklou, Alicia Hava, Lubna Azabal, Shaïn Boumedine, Slimane Dazi, Samir Guesmi, Laurent Lafitte, Vivian Sung, Souhade Temimi, and Elyes Aguis.
As for BLACK MEDUSA (MA TASMA'A KAN AL REEH) — which world premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, and was selected for the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival’s Works-in-Progress List — the noir film is set in modern day Tunis, where a 25-year-old hard-of-hearing Nada leads a lonely life and works as a web video content editor for a start-up, communicating only through a smartphone app.
However, every weekend at night, Nada turns into a femme fatale, dressing in black and walking from bar to bar looking for men, drugging and sexually abusing them before leaving them unconscious.
BLACK MEDUSA is a contemporary reinterpretation of the Greek myth of Medusa in the #MeToo era. It also provides a snapshot of a young woman in post-revolutionary Tunisia.
The film was written, directed, and produced by Ismael; co-written and co-directed with Youssef Chebbi; and stars Nour Hajri, Rym Hayouni, Aymen Ben Hmida, and Aymen Mejri.
Next up is the critically acclaimed dramedy OUR TIES (LES MIENS) — which world premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, and was released all over French cinemas and in Cinema Akil in Dubai — follows Moussa, who has always been kind, selfless, and there for his family; Unlike his brother Ryad: A high-profile TV presenter who is widely criticized for his egocentricity by those around him, with his only defender being Moussa, who admires him greatly.
When an accident befalls Moussa, causing him serious brain damage, he begins speaking without any filter, telling the brutal truth to friends and family alike, leading all to resent him, except Ryad.
The film was directed and written by Roschdy Zem; co-written alongside Maïwenn; and produced by Laziz Belkaï; and stars Sami Bouajila, Maïwenn, and Rachid Bouchareb.
Last in the batch is the Tunisian drama STREAMS (ATYAF) by Mehdi Hmili — a prominent figure in the new wave of modern Tunisian cinema — which follows Amel, who must venture into the seedy underbelly of Tunisia to find and reconnect with her son Moumen after spending years in prison for prostituting herself to secure a better opportunity for him.
The film held its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival and was then screened at multiple international festivals, including the Locarno and Zurich film festivals. It also received a grant from the Doha Film Institute, the Screenplay Prize of the Institut Français, and won the CineGouna SpringBoard Post-Production prize of the El Gouna Film Festival and Best Director at the Malmö Arab Film Festival.
The drama feature was written, directed, and produced by Mehdi Hmili; co-produced by Moufida Fedhila; and stars Afef Ben Mahmoud, Zaza, Sarah Hannachi, and Iheb Bouyahia.
This isn’t the first time Netflix has released a selection of MAD Solutions’ films, with titles like A TALE OF LOVE AND DESIRE and FOREIGN BODY available on the expansive streaming platform. The two companies also previously collaborated to curate a list of Arab female-directed films under the title ‘Because She Created.’