release date November 06 2014
Nahed El Sebai Attends an Intensive Acting Workshop in USA
After filming her scenes in Hani Khalifa's Sukkar Mor and Sherif El Bendary's Hot Dry Summer, Egyptian star Nahed El Sebai flies to the USA to attend an intensive acting workshop.

As a high-reaching actress with a thirst of becoming a professional actress, El Sebai expressed her enthusiasm of taking these training courses. She also explained her sadness for not being able to attend the 36th Cairo International Film Festival, which will honor her father, the late director Medhat El Sebai, among other filmmakers in a special ceremony titled "Yawm Tuhsa Laho Al Sonon" (A Day to Count All Years) on Wednesday, November 12th, 2014. The ceremony will include a film by producer Mona Asaad, which will feature footage of the lives of the late auteurs and their works.

Following her return from the USA, El Sebai will start shooting her scenes in Kamla AbouZekri' supcoming film, A Day for Women. Produced by veteran Ilham Chahine who also stars in the film alongside silver-screen prolific actors Mahmoud Hemeida and Farouk Al Feshawy, the film sheds light on the imposed restrictions upon women and their attempt to gain freedom for only one day. Nahed embodies the character of a mentally challenged girl, whose body grows faster than her mental abilities.

El Sebai has recently completed all her scenes in Hani Khalifa's Sukkar Mor. Starring a staggering array of young film stars including Ahmed El-Fishawy, Ayten Amer and Haitham Ahmed Zaki, Nahed plays the role of a Christian married woman who has tough time with her husband.