release date December 29 2020
Moroccan Film Khamis 1984 Releases in Egyptian Theaters
Mohamed Bouzaggou’s Moroccan film Khamis 1984 will release in Egyptian theaters at Porto Cairo Cinema on Wednesday, December 30 at 10:00 AM where it will
run for one week. This comes upon the film’s participation in the International Festival of Cinema and Collective Memory (FICMEC) in Nador and Festival National du Film de Tanger in Morocco.

Thursday 19 January 1984, the day of riots that resulted in many casualties. Tonight, Khamis is finally ready to share a long-awaited intimate moment with his wife. Suddenly, they’re interrupted by gunshots that ring out in the street, followed by the appearance of unexpected guests at their doorstep; Abbas and Naima. They're a couple of injured students who're seeking refuge to survive a police siege, which leads to a series of unforeseen events.

Directed, written and produced by Mohamed Bouzaggou, the film is a production of Taziri Production Company and stars Mimoun Zanoun, Samira El Maslouhi, Chaimae Allaoui, and Rafik Barrajjal. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution in the Arab World.

Mohamed Bouzaggou is a producer, writer and director who has published a plethora of award-winning novels and plays. He also directed a number of films, including two feature films, Iperita (2016) and Khamis 1984 (2019), and two short films, Fakansi (2012) and 2 Faces For One Life (2015), as well as other dramas. Bouzaggou also produced and co-produced many feature and short films, comedy series, dramas, and successful TV Shows, besides writing scripts for more than 15 projects.