release date November 20 2016
Mohammed Hammad: "I would have been happier if I was the winner rather than the presenter of the Award"
Egyptian Director Mohammed Hammad is taking part in the jury for the Impact Competition at the 27th Stockholm International Film Festival in Sweden as the first Egyptian member to join that jury.

The Impact Competition presents films that highlight controversial topics in their societies, portraying them from a unique perspective that is worth shedding light on. The competition offers the winner the biggest monetary award for films in the world, which is valued at $120,000. Hammad commented on his participation by saying, "It is a huge responsibility to be in charge of a decision to award such a huge amount of money. I think that it's very ironic, because whoever knows the limited budget that I required for my film Withered Green, would never imagine that I would take part in a jury that will give away such a large monetary award." He jokingly added, "I would rather have Withered Green be a part of this competition than join its jury myself. In fact, I would rather acquire the award's money than offer it to the winner."

Withered Green will also be featured in this year's festival, as it will be screened in the Discovery section
and the Face2Face program. The film was also screened for a third time for journalists and critics.

The film will also take part in the 27th Singapore International Film Festival (23 November - 4 December) in the Cinema Today Section as the only Arab film to participate in the festival, this year. Additionally, the 13th Dubai International Film Festival (7 - 14 December) has revealed that Withered Green will be competing in the Long Muhr Competition. This will be the film's premiere screening in the Arab world.

Arab cinema will be present at the Stockholm Festival through two other films as well, Tunisian film Nhebak Hadi, which won Best Debut Film and Best Actor awards at the Berlin International Film Festival this year, in addition to the Saudi film Barakah Meets Marakah which took part in the Berlinale Forum.