release date May 25 2016
Minaa's Lineup of Films
After its announcement in Berlinale this year, Minaa VOD has officially gone live during Cannes Film
Festival. Featuring a carefully curated content, the platform will be available for streaming for audiences in the Arab world further to international audiences (when rights are applicable). Creative documentaries range in topics and themes, and present an overall portray of what Minaa aims to achieve in terms of being an all-encompassing platform for all documentary genres.

The Creative Documentary Platform (CDP) - Amman and MAD Solutions-Cairo founded Minaa as a Public-Engagement Distribution Scheme. The platform will collect and harbor Arabic creative documentaries and allow their online streaming via Minaa VOD.

Expressing his contentment over the launch, Film Director Hany Abu-Assad said, "To me as a film director, the creative documentary platform is a great initiative. I have made two unknown documentary films; one of them is by far the best film I have ever made, and I hope through Minaa that this film gets a chance of a widespread release."

Commenting on the launch, Reem Bader, Founding Director of Minaa and The Creative Documentary Platform said, "A story is more than just an idea; it's an existential need, a feeling, a question, a journey and above all, a call for action. The need to collect, preserve, celebrate, share, tell and retell our history is equally fundamental.

Minaa is celebrating today an exciting collection of stories within creative documentaries coming together from every little corner of our dear Arab World; Stories of courageous personalities defying their insecurities, mirroring theirs, and our adversities and raising our hopes for a brighter future. Minaa VOD is allowing the accessibility of these stories and engagement with their makers for the first time ever to regional and international audiences while preserving and celebrating our culture."

On the other hand, Abdallah Al Shami, Managing Partner at MAD Solutions said, "This is a very important step for documentary filmmakers in the Arab world. Platforms like Minaa will allow for a more robust economic foundation for documentary filmmaking in the Arab world, and will help push the creative boundaries of established and aspiring filmmakers alike."

Egyptian writer/ director of Arij, Scent of a Revolution Viola Shafik added "Arab documentary since the 1960s is a story of marginalization, lack of means and training, state bureaucracy, censorship and national broadcasters' negligence and consequently a lack of exposure. Particularly critical and creative documentaries have always been hit the hardest by this situation. Hence to open up the distribution venues is a great chance for filmmakers as well as for the spectators at home and abroad."

Minaa's library embraces:

As One
By Hana Makki
UAE I 2014 I 88 min I Arabic- English I Documentary, Special Needs, Arts & Culture, Family, Children, Education
Minaa as Arab World Streaming

Variations on One, Melody
By Adnan Madanat
Syria I 1973 I 16 min I Arabic I Documentary, Short, Social, Children, Arts & Culture, Family, Investigation
Minaa as International Streaming

Palestinian Visions
By Adnan Madanat
Beirut I 1977 I 30 min I Arabic I Documentary, Short, Biography, Arts & Culture, Politics & War, History, Education, Identity
Minaa as International Streaming

Les Petits Chats
By Sherif Nakhla
Egypt I 2015 I 80 min I Arabic- French I Documentary, Arts & Culture, Biography, Music
Minaa as Arab World Streaming

The Man inside
By Karim Goury
France- Kuwait I 2012 I 52 min I French- Arabic I Documentary, Biography, Family, Social, Arts & Culture, Investigation, Identity, Roots
Minaa as International Streaming

Made in Egypt
By Karim Goury
France I 2009 I 70 min I French I Documentary, Social, Biography, Adventure, Family, Identity
Minaa as Arab World Streaming

In My Mother's Arms
By Mohamed Al Daradj
Iraq, UK, Netherlands I 2011 I 82 min I Arabic I Documentary, Social, Investigation, Politics & War, Family, Children
Minaa as Arab World Streaming

My Love Awaits Me by the Sea
By MaisDarwazeh
Jordan- Palestine-Germany- Qatar I 2013 I 80 min I Documentary- Family - Love
Minaa as Arab World Streaming

In Search of Oil and Sand
By Philip Dib and Wael Omar
UAE I 2012 I 60 min I Arabic, English, French I Documentary, Social, Arts & Culture, Biography, Family
Minaa as Arab World Streaming

Slingshot Hip Hop
By Jackie Salloum
Palestine- USA I 2008 I 87 min I Arabic, English I Documentary, Social, Arts & Culture, Biography, Music, Politics & War, Education, Identity
Minaa as Arab World Streaming

The Dream of Shehrazad
By Francios Verster
Egypt-South Africa| 2014 | 110 min | Arabic, English| Documentary, Social, Arts & Culture, Faith & Philosophy, Family, History, Music
Minaa as Arab World Streaming

Underground/ On The Surface
By Salma Al Tarzi
Egypt | 2013 | 86 min | Arabic |Documentary, Social, Arts & Culture, Biography, Investigation, Music
Minaa as Arab World Streaming

Challat of Tunis
By Kaouther Ben Hania
Tunisia- France | 2013 | 90 min | Documentary, Social, Investigation, Family, Thriller
Minaa as Arab World Streaming

ARIJ - Scent of Revolution
By Viola Shafik
Germany, Egypt | 2014 | 98 min | Arabic |Documentary, Arts & Culture, Biography, Faith & Philosophy, Politics & War, History, Identity
Minaa as Arab World, EU, UK Streaming

By Sandra Madi
Jordan | 2014 | 90 min | Arabic|Documentary, Special Needs, Social, Biography, Politics & War, Family, History, Education
Minaa as International Streaming